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pineapple og strain

Pineapple og strain

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“This strain is damn amazing—grows fast, gives huge yield and the potency is over the limits— you will feel insanely stoned right after smoking and the effect lasts for several hours. Totally recommended strain, not hard to grow it, either. After topping branches grow straight and strong, producing massive buds.” –Ignas L.

It has d ark, dense, green nugs that come wrapped in glistening white crystals and red-orange hairs, which give off an incredibly strong sour-citrus smell. It always reminds me of Fruity Pebbles, so much so that I often have a bowl after my bowl.

Flavor profile courtesy of Leafly
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Pineapple Kush plants will usually yield about half a kilo for each square meter, and will fully ripen in eight to ten weeks, depending on indoor or outdoor growing conditions, light availability, nutrients, and watering. September or late-Fall is the ideal time to harvest. Once you see that 80% of its pistils , or white hairs, have turned red the plant is ready to reap.
Depending on which vaporizer you’re using, pre-heat to 350 ° F and adjust the dial until your buds are toasted but without burning, keeping the cannabinoids unsullied. Also, I’d suggest saving your AVB (already vaped bud) in another jar and use them to bake a batch of edibles once you have enough!

“Loving this strain. It smells and tastes amazing. I love grooving to music when I’m high and this really put me in the mood for moving and swaying. Definitely can feel both indica and sativa, entire body high.” –Fiona F.

Pineapple Kush cannabis strain is not to be confused with the infamous and elusive Pineapple Express popularized by the 2008 comedy (though some say it was)