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pineapple kush indica or sativa

Pineapple kush indica or sativa

Like a tall glass of tropical-flavored rum, Pineapple Kush is inhaled in smooth motions. It warms the body and unwinds an anxious-ridden mind, making it an ideal choice as an after-work escapade.

As refreshing as its name, Pineapple Kush is a balanced mind and body relaxant that makes for a perfect pick-me-up for the end of the day. Hand-picked from the ripest fruit in the medical marijuana market, this strain will quench users’ thirst for a mind-altering high.
Boasting of an enjoyable experience, it is no surprise for users to get overexcited. But too much can cause users to feel slightly dizzy and anxious.

Although suited mostly for nighttime use, it is not often sought after by insomniacs as it envelopes users in a stimulating haze. This improved focus gravitate artists instead as it helps create fresh ways to leave this mental rut.
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It drowns out mental irregularities and frees a fretful mind from inhibitions. And, that makes it useful in battling depression and anxiety. It holds a natural ability to regulate mood fluctuations, and as mentioned, helps focus foggy thoughts. Additionally, it is also ideal for sufferers of ADHD/ADD.
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Looking back at its roots from the strain Pineapple, it took after its uplifting ability along with its famously sweet and tangy flavors. It’s paired with Master Kush, known for its particularly calming qualities. This blends a tropical hybrid that produces mild sedation where users can drift into relaxation with full sensory awareness.

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Sweet, tart, and full of pineapple flavor, Pineapple Kush enlivens the mind in a well-balanced Sativa and Indica experience.