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pineapple chunks weed

Pineapple chunks weed

I refuse to let commercialization destroy my love for all prickly plants, including cannabis (anyone who’s trimmed weed knows how prickly trichomes are). Hit by full empathy for all three during a dispensary pit stop on my way home last week, I bought an eighth of Pineapple Chunk in the hopes of enjoying a relaxing evening.

Smell: Complex enough to require a few extra sniffs, Pineapple Chunk’s aroma carries heavy, funky hints of cheese and a sharply sweet-and-sour kick, like pineapple juice. Rubbery, piney, almost skunky notes come in at the end.
Flavor: Anyone who enjoys a good charcuterie board or fruit-and-cheese plate will enjoy Pineapple Chunk’s flavor profile. It’s full of thick, cheesy notes followed by a rush of rubbery pine and tart acidity. The sour fruitiness and cheesy funk would be enough on their own; consider the earthy pine flavor the gravy.

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Looks: Pineapple Chunk’s buds are circular and cone-shaped, and look like a bunch of sticky green thumbs, pebbles or footballs. These dense lime-green nugs have mauve fan leaves and occasional light-purple spots, with peach pistils and moderate trichome coverage.
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Effects: Although Pineapple Chunk’s smell and flavor are easy to distinguish, its effects are much harder to identify. It drains my energy and focus after a short initial jolt, then increases my appetite past the point of gluttony. Other users experience a more uplifting high, but one lacking focus. Both highs are long-lasting and usually require sleep to fully shake off. Medical benefits include treating anxiety, stress, eating disorders, minor pain and headaches.

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A Dutch import from Amsterdam breeder Barney’s Farm, Pineapple Chunk carries more substance than flash compared to Pineapple Express. Barney’s bred the hybrid strain with a Pineapple phenotype and cross between Cheese and Skunk #1, giving it a middle-of-the road high that can take users either direction.