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pictures of colombian gold

Pictures of colombian gold

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Landrace strains will always be worth trying, even as hybrid genetics move them further and further away from the originals. Afghani and Durban Poison are popular landraces that are usually easy to find around town, and I’ve come across Maui Wowie and Hindu Kush from time to time, but I’ve had little success finding South American favorites like Acapulco Gold, which helped birth so many of the strains we love today. Colombian Gold, a cousin to the famed Mexican sativas, doesn’t carry quite the rep, but I was still ecstatic to see it at a local pot shop.
Because of Colombian Gold’s easygoing effects, I never worry about what time of day I indulge. The comedown isn’t very strong unless it’s getting dark and you’re on the tenth bowl of the day, and the high allows users to stay focused and upbeat —which makes this strain preferable for patients looking to medicate without strong side effects and for potheads trying to toke without giving themselves away in a conversation.

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Flavor: Unlike the smell, which starts with tangy citrus followed by dank, earthy soil, the taste begins with an earthy flavor, followed by orange notes and a slight herbal zest.
Effects: One of the easier landrace sativa highs to manage compared to Durban Poison’s drowsiness or Maui Wowie’s racy, anxious effects, Colombian Gold is session-able and uplifting. Its energizing sativa high without paranoia and fatigue makes it a timeless all-day strain. Medical patients use it to treat appetite disorders, exhaustion, soreness and stress.
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Smell: Pungent, skunky scents of citrus, soil and a little herbal spice might take your parents back to the good ol’ days. It won’t overpower your nostrils, but you’ll always know when it’s there, thanks to its trifecta of timeless cannabis aromas.

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Colombian Gold deserves the accolades every other popular landrace enjoys. Its buds grow fat and tall in South American mountain ranges, tough against the intense sun, dry air and cold breezes of high altitude, making it a strong candidate for Colorado growers, both in the basement or outdoors. The high it produces…