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peyote seeds for sale

Peyote seeds for sale

All the products we sell are legal in the Netherlands, please check the legislation in your country before ordering our product.

Extra Growing Information for the Real Enthusiast
Adult Peyote plants can tolerate temperatures within a range of 45-100 degrees Fahrenheit. If soil is kept dry, it can survive temperatures as low as 30o F. Frequent watering and a shade cloth will protect it from temperatures exceeding 120 degrees F. Peyote is very sensitive to frost or prolonged near freezing temperatures and is easily injured or killed by frost. It should be brought inside in locations where the temperatures drop below 40 degrees F.

Our products are only suitable for adults.
Lights ê I keep my lights on using timers. Nothing elaborate is needed. Lights should be turned on for twelve to sixteen hours a day.
Seedlings will germinate in three to ten days, but can and have germinated in as little as twenty four hours. Initially theyêll appear as little green balls, but a trained eye will soon notice the cotyledons and first set of areoles.
Are you accept this?
The seeds are for germination and cultivation only, not for consumption.

Seeds for the peyote cactus (lophophora williamsii), growing instructions are included.

The Peyote cactus grows very slowly, but after that you definitely have something. Learn to grow your own cactus with the Peyote seeds from Avalon!