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How does Pet Releaf compare to other CBD brands for dogs? Our in-depth review looks at price, customer reviews, CBD extract, and more. Pet Releaf is a hemp brand that focuses entirely on CBD for your dogs and cats. But, are they worth it? We find out. This Pet Releaf Review reveals the truth about this CBD oil company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this before you buy Pet Releaf Products.

Pet Releaf CBD for Dogs Review 2022

While they didn’t make this year’s list of the Best CBD Oil for Dogs, Pet Releaf has recently made some promising changes to their production process. Here’s an in-depth look at the Pet Releaf brand.

What we liked

  • Multiple CBD oil concentrations and formats to suit all dogs, including a topical product
  • Pet Releaf products use PR-33, their own specific strain of hemp
  • CBD treats baked in house by a full-time baking team

See how Pet Releaf compares to other CBD oils for dogs in our review of the Best CBD Oil for Dogs.

Who is Pet Releaf?

Pet ReLeaf is a pet-specific CBC company who are committed to a see-to-shelf model—or, as they say, “plant to pet.” The brand oversees all elements of the production process, starting with their own joint-venture hemp farm in eastern Colorado, which is the largest organic-certified hemp farm in the country.

After growing their bespoke strain of cannabis called PR-33, Pet ReLead also closely controls the extraction process. Since we reviewed them for our Best Of review, the company has swapped to a supercritical CO2 extraction method, the highest industry-standard available, which is great to see. CO2 extraction improves the final purity of the CBD product by removing a greater amount of excess plant material.

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Unlike some CBD companies, Pet Releaf also hand-bakes all of their own CBD treats in their own kitchen. Dedicated Pet Releaf bakers work full time to develop the tastiest, most beneficial recipes for pups in need of a CBD boost.

Pet Releaf Review

While some CBD brands have lines of pet products, Pet Releaf is 100% about your furry friends. Pet Releaf offers a great selection of water-soluble tinctures, hand-baked edibles, and potent hemp capsules that your pets will absolutely love.

As someone with a large dog who often relies on CBD for her hips and joints — as well as anxiety — I was beyond happy to come across a brand that utilizes supercritical CO2 extraction as well as hand-baking processes to create such great product options. Plus, they offer flavors like peanut butter and carob that my pup just couldn’t turn down. Quickly, I could tell she was more comfortable and relaxed with her fast-acting, high-quality Pet Releaf CBD.

Pet Releaf CBD uses just as quality ingredients and procedures in their pet CBD products as some of the most reputable cannabis brands out there. Over time, they’ve adjusted their extraction processes and formulas to create the best results possible — as well as something tasty for your pet to enjoy. They offer a great selection of products for both dogs and cats, in various flavors and strengths, too. Whether your four-legged friend needs support with anxiety, pain, or something in between, Pet Releaf has a CBD product for them.

Pet Releaf Review

Operating out of Eastern Colorado, Pet Releaf offers a top-shelf product for fur babies that’s safe—and, in some cases, tasty—enough for their humans to use. The company obviously has a deep love of animals, going as far as developing their own strand of pet-friendly cannabidiol for their line of CBD oils and CBD pet treats. We don’t want to be so corny as to say that this company is the “cat’s meow,” but—it’s already out there now. And we’ll stand by it.

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As the name may suggest, Pet Releaf specializes in veterinary CBD oils and other animal-friendly cannabidiol products, letting proud pet owners everywhere offer Fido a very special treat for sitting and staying like a good boy.

Though owners Alina and Steve Smith created the company much more with animal wellness – as opposed to snacking – in mind.

The pair began their personal journey toward starting Pet Releaf when they first noticed the lack of truly healthy or organic animal food on the market, for either their dog, Mattie, or their cat, Shadow. Then, when Mattie began suffering from severe arthritis years later, the couple noticed once again that there were few healthy or natural alternatives to the intense opioid medication that had been prescribed by their vet.

So they set out to create that alternative.

The Smiths say they believe pets are truly a member of the family, and the quality of the ingredients utilized in their wide range of CBD oils, liposome CBD oil (which has a higher bioavailability and can be administered directly onto a pet’s food), CBD capsules, cannabidiol topical creams, and a range of edible CBD pet treats would, indeed, be suitable for any human family member to ingest.

The CBD strain used in the products was produced specifically by and for Pet Releaf, in conjunction with a pair of USDA-certified farmers—who appear on the website to talk about their work—in Eastern Colorado. (The company likes to say it oversees the process “from seed to sale” and “from plant to pet”). Pet Releaf believes in the benefits of a full-spectrum cannabidiol oil, and chose its CBD strand for the very low THC levels it produces.

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Aside from the company’s CBD oil, which includes their proprietary cannabidiol mixed with coconut oil, some key ingredients used across the line include Alaskan salmon, peanut butter, bananas, blueberries, cranberries, honey, and organic barley flour. Which, honestly, makes us kind of hungry even thinking about. (Even their CBD capsules are vegan-friendly).

So far, the company only offers CBD products for dogs and cats. Prices range anywhere from $9 for smaller bags of dog treats to $100 for the largest Liposome CBD tincture available, but most products hover between $30-$70.

Bottom Line – With their attention to detail, passion for natural and holistic health options, and undeniable care for their customer base, Pet Releaf creates a product that any human should be happy to use, let alone give to their furry friends. The only blind spot, by our rubric of success, is the lack of any charitable work or contributions – though many may consider the ability to naturally aid a much-loved yet underserved member of the family a form of altruism.

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