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pepper grinder for weed

I’m wondering if it would work to keep fresh whole buds in a pepper/salt grinder and just ground as needed instead of using a chamber grinder? I have a grinder full of a whole herb mix that you use that way. I thought it might be a good idea.

WHY is it a bad idea.
Grinders are annoying and heavy and take up a lot of space and you still have to store your weed somewhere else.

Thankyou for your reply. The weight issue is something I hadn’t considered.
Bad idea, they make grinders for weed.
The reason why a pepper mill might not be a good idea is that the herb is sticky, so it will just get stuck. It might work if there was some part of the device shoving the herb through, but most pepper mills I’ve seen just work on gravity.
Or, insert herb into a shot glass, cut with scissors until you reach your desired level of fineness.
If you’re lazy or don’t want a single-purpose device in your house, you can use one of those cheap electric coffee grinders for like $20.

I am aware they make grinders for weed.

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