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people smoke weed for the first time

What does that mean? It depends on the individual and the strain of weed. It’s really difficult to explain what “being high” is to someone who’s never experienced it, but here are a few things that might happen:

So what should you expect when you smoke weed for the first time? That you’ll enjoy very real euphoria, giggles, and hunger, dubious profundity, and unnecessary concern. Just about everyone tends to experience some balance of all these things.
There are a variety of other things that might occur, but these are a few you’re likely to notice.

Here’s the thing – your worries are almost always unfounded. No one knows you’re high, and if they can recognize that you are it almost certainly means that they smoke themselves.
Let’s dive into it.
Newbies worry that “people know” they’re high. They worry that their eyes are red, or that they smell like smoke. They worry about getting in conversations with people who aren’t stoned. These kinds of concerns tend to fall short of paranoia, but the worry is still there.
2 .You get really, really high – in a good way.
– You feel physically at ease.

You will likely end up making a lot of statements like, “Have you ever noticed how really big things tend to resemble really small things?” Or, “Dude – have you ever tried to look at your back in a mirror? It turns out there’s this whole other side of you.” And the response to this from your stoned friend: “Do you mean another side physically, or another side mentally?” Whoa.

First-timers have the same questions: How long will the high last? Will I get paranoid? Are munchies real? Learn about what to expect when smoking weed for the first time before you roll up.