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pen bowl

Pen bowl

One more question – If you guys are “Down Under” do you call us in the Northern hemisphere “Up Over?” ?

One of the most asked questions about any wood turned piece is “what kinda wood is this.” Everyone wants to know.
The area around the base of the bowl should be sanded and prepared to match the rest of the bowl. Depending on the design of the bowl foot this might mean hand sanding in tight spaces.

Until now, I have cataloged my pieces with a unique, sequential number that I keep in a spreadsheet and written on the item. This is great for my purposes but doesn’t yield enough info for the new owner. Thanks for the tips.
Mike Love, could you explain or give a reference to the transfer system you use? I have tried a number of those systems and not succeeded yet.
But there’s a problem.
Take the time to sand these areas before signing the bowl. The final results will be worthwhile. After all, we are expecting people to look at our signature and information. It makes sense to prep the area properly first.
Making a “one-of-a-kind” personal mark might look cool, but will anyone be able to identify you? I suppose if you turn hundreds or thousands of bowls and your unique mark becomes well known, then this can be a practical approach.

Not so fast.

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