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peanut butter weed sandwich

Wrap each sandwich completely in tinfoil.

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After grinding it as finely as possible, sprinkle weed onto the peanut butter on top of four out of the eight crackers. Try to keep it in an even layer towards the center of the cracker. Distribute an even amount of weed on each cracker (each cracker =

For variety, substitute Nutella for the peanut butter or switch the graham crackers out for saltines. Remember to give the firecracker time to sink in before you freak out and eat too many (trust me). Eat responsibly!
Photo by Ari Richman
Place each remaining peanut butter covered cracker atop the weed-sprinkled crackers.
While a recent article in Well and Good referred to cannabis as potentially the next new superfood to be added to gourmet recipes, we know that we are college students on a budget. While it would be a dream to get high off butternut squash soup or a gluten-free cake, I know many college students that would eat a moldy sandwich off the floor if it was packed with a gram or two.
Photo by Ari Richman

Photo by Ari Richman

Firecrackers: the Easy Mac of edibles