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parts of a dab rig

Parts of a dab rig

Reclaim – The left over product after a cannabis extract has been smoked out of an oil rig. It is commonly extracted from the top of the water in a water oil rig or from any oil/extract smoking device. It can be vaporized (again) and has commonly been used for ‘seasoning’ oil rig nails (usually those made of titanium).

Not only are there male and female ‘joints’ and therefore also ‘bowls’ and ‘domeless nails’ etc. that are made either with female joints to fit onto a male joint or with male joints to fit into female joints, but there are also three main sizes of glass joints – 10mm, 14mm and 19mm (these numbers are rounded from more exact numbers like 14.4mm and 18.8mm for example, so some people call the ’19mm’ size ’18mm’ – the two terms are used somewhat interchangeably). There are other sizes of glass joints, I don’t mean to suggest that those are the ONLY three – 29mm for example is also used but for other parts than ‘bowls’ and ‘nails’ usually since it’s so much larger, then other sizes like ’34mm’ and ’45mm’ are used for even larger parts like when two large bong tubes are fitted together in the case of a ‘build-a-bong’. The most commonly used joint-size for bowls and nails/bangers is 14mm, but lots of people like 10mm for a tighter, more ‘refined’ hit and others prefer or simply used for whatever reason 19mm joints.
Grade 2 – Titanium is produced in various ‘grades’ of quality. Grade 2 titanium is the most often-used quality of titanium for nails used to vaporize cannabis extracts.

Percolators and Perc Types – a perc (also called diffuser by some) is the part of a waterpipe/bong/rig that exists to ‘diffuse’ the smoke into smaller bubbles for the purpose of increasing surface area as smoke passes through water to increase its cooling effect. With two primary types of waterpipes – stemmed and stemless, usually in the ‘stemmed’ design we use the term ‘diffuser’ (/’diffy’/’diffused downstem’) to refer to the addition of holes or slits or some other design to cause diffusion at the bottom of a downstem (rather than an ‘open-ended’ basic downstem as cheap bongs, or those used for ‘poppers’, often have), while ‘perc’/’percolator’ will usually be used to refer to similar design in a ‘stemless’ setup AND also when in a stemmed waterpipe there is a second section containing water and smoke-diffusion. There are countless designs and styles of ‘percs’ – some of the more popular/common include:
– Tree Percs – can have any number of ‘arms’ – the more arms, the more diffusion. Arms will either be open-bottomed or closed-bottomed, usually with slits on the sides. Smaller slits give smaller bubbles, which gives more diffusion.
– Showerhead Perc – A vertical tube that flares out at the bottom, with slits or holes for diffusion.
– Disk – A disk with holes of some kind and arrangement in it.
– Frit Disk – A disk of crushed glass (frit) with enough spacing between the frit pieces for air/smoke to travel through.
– Honeycomb – a flat horizontal disk with a lot of evenly-spaced holes in it giving a ‘honeycomb’ appearance.
– Inline or Stemline – Found in stemless designs, it is a horizontal tube with either slits or grids on the top or bottom. Up or down grids give different amounts of chug, but about the same diffusion.
– Tons of other designs have come about especially in recent years, with names like ‘sprinkler’, ‘hex’, ‘cluster’ and ‘wheel’ percs, and an amazing array of other designs and terms to match! While percs generally exist to diffuse the smoke as it flows through water, there are other additions to waterpipes that exist to cause the smoke to do other things with a similar intended purpose – ‘turbines’ and ‘Helix’ designs, for example, cause the smoke to spin, while Ice-Pinches and Ice-Disks create a restriction upon which ice cubes/pieces can be placed so that your smoke can pass through ice. There are even attachments and designs that allow for you to put all or part of your bong in a freezer, causing a substance like an ‘ice pack’, generally containing something like glycerine, to freeze without the risk of damaging your glass.
Budder – Another type of cannabis extract usually made by heat purging B.H.O. (or made with a ‘secret’ process created by someone known by the name Budderking, depending on who you talk to). It is usually soft and “butter”-like as the name indicates.
Direct-Inject – This is a term that has been often confused, and thus been used in quite a variety of ways. Most frequently it is used to refer to a male (rather than female) joint and the type of nail that fits into a male joint. So, a “Direct-Inject” set-up rig usually will have a male joint, and a “Direct-Inject” nail usually will fit into a male joint (rather than a female joint, and rather than fitting OVER / AROUND a male joint as does a female-jointed domeless nail for example).
Bubbler – a small, hand-held water-pipe (flower bong or dab rig).
Dome – The glass covering that goes over/around a “domed” (non-domeless) nail (usually titanium or glass) on an oil rig. It acts as a wind tunnel so as to not allow any smoke to dissipate in the air but instead funnel into the smoking device.

Dab / Dabbing – Usually: to inhale the vapor of a cannabis extract/concentrate (often referred to as Butane Hash Oil / BHO, or another type of extract / concentrate such as that extracted in a C02 extraction or a Rosin Tech process, among others). Dab is a verb as well as a noun – “I’m going to dab” and “I’m going to have a dab” and can even be used to refer to the extract itself – “pass me that dab” among other ways that people use the word.

DAB & GLASS GLOSSARY: COMMON TERMINOLOGY RELATING TO DABBING, CONCENTRATES, GLASS – Brought to you by Toronto Hemp Company (THC) Introduction (our Glossary of alphabetically-listed commonly-used terms and phrases begins further down, and a hopefully-helpful diagram for your reference is also included below) There a

Parts of a dab rig

  • A borosilicate glass Dab Rig
  • Quartz thermal style banger
  • Butane Torch
  • Thermal directional Carb Cap with Optional Lid

A dab rig is basically the same thing as a bong but is typically smaller with very few percolators. Percolators, of which there are several types, filter the vapor. When you are using flower, the longer the path and the more percolators that the vapor passes through, the smoother the smoke. With concentrates which require lower temperatures short of combustion, a smaller path with fewer percolators will allow the vapor to reach your lungs more quickly. It will preserve the flavor and the potency of your dabs.
Here is what our first time dab rig buyer purchased:

Parts of a Dab Rig

  • Electrically controlled nail
  • Temperature controls maintain your preferred heating and cooling process
  • Takes the guess work out of finding the optimum dabbing temperature
  • More expensive than the other options

Temperature is crucial in dabbing. The hotter the temperature of the dab, the bigger the vapor cloud. This results in a strong effect which comes on very quickly. With lower temperatures, the effects come on more gradually while maintaining better flavor. In order to control your preferred temperature, you can either use an E-Nail or a timer to measure how long it takes for the dab to heat up and cool down.

  • A comfortable size for your hand
  • Portable, especially if you travel a lot
  • Durable
  • Ability to upgrade with accessories
  • Pleasing color, shape and style

Deciding which dab nail to choose is much more complicated than choosing a dab rig. There is a lot of personal preference and trial and error involved in the decision. The dab nail is the area of your dab rig where you place your concentrates. It is heated with a torch which vaporizes it so that it can be inhaled by the user. The type of nail you choose will determine the effect you will experience.

I was tasked with writing about dab rigs but I have a confession. I have never used one as I favor smoking flower out of a glass pipe. I thought it would be relevant and interesting to write about the experience of a woman who has used cannabis but has never dabbed. She purchased her first dab rig, with some advice from an expert. This article explains what first time dab rig buyers should consider when shopping for a dab rig, the parts of a dab rig, and pros and cons of dabbing.

See how a complete dab rig can improve your dabbing experience. Everything from nails, straws, to dap storage caps with a closable lid.