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paridice seeds

Paridice seeds
“Growing medical cannabis for personal use should be a human right,” says Luc Kroi, master breeder and founder of Paradise Seeds. “This discount is a token of our belief and we hope this program will be of help to those patients who need it most.”
While you will find some great deals on seeds at Paradise Seeds, you will also find some strains that are quite expensive. The prices vary from strain to strain, which is typical of most seedbanks. Whether you’re looking to spend a lot or very little, you’ll definitely be able to find something to meet your requirements.
Paradise Seeds website is very impressive. Everything is organized and easy to access. Once you arrive at the site, it may take you a few seconds to find the menu when using a mobile device, but this typically isn’t a problem. Navigating the website is great; it’s quick and the organization definitely helps to make things tremendously easier. A convenient search engine is also available. This makes it easy to find specific products and strains. Overall, the website’s usability is wonderful.
In January of 2018, Paradise Seeds kicked off a medical marijuana program to help this segment of their customer base. After providing identification and medical documentation, patients are eligible for a 50% discount off of their purchases from Paradise Seeds. The discount is only available for medical customers who are growing for personal use, and orders are still bound by any national restrictions that may exist regarding importing cannabis seeds.
As we mentioned above, Paradise Seeds offers free shipping for EU and worldwide purchases. Just make sure that you hit the total minimum for your order and you’ll be able to have the seeds shipped to your home for free of charge!
Paradise Seeds offers a variety of payment method options for you to choose from including credit cards (but only from customer within the EU), cash, wire transfer, GiroPay, iDeal, and Sofort. They also accept Bitcoin (as well as other cryptocurrencies). While this is a great benefit for shoppers, these payment methods are almost always offered by all major seed banks. Paradise Seeds is very versatile and well-rounded in terms of payment options, but their not accepting credit cards from non-EU customers is a big down side. Aside from that, there really is something for everyone in terms of ways to pay.
In addition to the strains listed above, Paradise Seeds recently added two new strains to their lineup: Space Cookies and Californian Gold. Fans of the Girl Scout Cookies strain will enjoy Space Cookies, which takes GSC and gives it a little Afghan infusion. Meanwhile, Californian Gold is an indica hybrid that absolutely drips with sweet, resinous honey.
In terms of selection, Paradise Seeds has a pretty solid variety of strains to choose from. They only offer feminized and autoflowering seeds. They’re well-known for the amazing quality of their products. Paradise Seeds has been growing marijuana since the early 1980s and has continued to improve their strains the entire time. This has resulted in quality that’s tough to beat. In fact, the company has racked up an impressive 25 Cannabis Cups since 1999. In addition to this, High Times magazine presented the company with the Plant of the Year Award in 2003 for their Sensi Star strain.
A few of their most popular strains are:
• Jacky White
• Ice Cream
• Atomical Haze
• Delahaze
• Sensi Star
• White Berry
• Paradise Feminized Seeds (28 Strains)
• Paradise Autoflower-Feminized Seeds (7 Strains)
Paradise Seeds is based out of Amsterdam and has been in operation since the early 1990s, making it one of the longest-established seedbanks on the internet. According to the company, this longtime effort has resulted in product quality that’s unparalleled amongst their competition. They guarantee a 95% germination rate as long as the soil and growing parameters are appropriate. Overall, the company’s reputation is fairly good. The majority of the comments posted on Paradise Seeds reviews are positive.
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Paridice seeds
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Cannabis seeds of Paradise seeds are qualified for medicinal use. The types of weeds can help to relieve pain, induce appetite and reduce nausea. In addition, other ailments can also be treated for people who need medical marijuana to be able to cope with certain illnesses or conditions.
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Order the famous Paradise Seeds online at Amsterdam Seed Center. Paradise Seeds are the champion of genetics. Find out yourself!