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paper punched flowers

Flower 3:

Seal of Approval Squeeze Punch (XL, 2″)
Flower 4:

4. Layer felt, XL circle, adhered longer strips, punched flower (onto which the smaller strips were adhered to), medium circle, felt circle and pearl to form flower.
3. To finish off the flower cut an XL and a tiny circle from felt. Punch an XL and Medium circle from cardstock and patterned paper using squeeze punches. Ink the edges.
1. Punch 5 each of XL and large scalloped circles from patterned paper. Also punch 5 flowers from the same patterned paper. Fold each one of these in half. Adhere the XL scallop circles together with one edge overlapping another to form a circle. Make similar florets of the large scallop circles and flowers.
2. Using an adhesive gun, adhere one long strip on an angle onto another step. Fan out the 5 long strips equally and adhere to form a circle. Punch a flower from cardstock, and adhere onto the back of this flower the 5 smaller strips. Curl the edges.
Round ‘n Round Squeeze Punch (Medium, 1″)

by Smitha Katti

Paper and Felt flowers by Smitha Katti I love adding homemade flowers to all my projects – scrapbooking layouts, cards and even in my home décor. By layering felt with patterned papers we