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papas candy

Papas candy
The company is perhaps best known for its Easter candy. Beginning in late December and early January each year, the staff begins working on the production of Easter eggs. During peak production, the company can produce 80,000 eggs per day.
Alex Papas retired from the business in 1986. His two sons, Carl and Chris, took over the operation as president and vice president respectively. Katherine Papas Hartmann and her husband, Norbert, operated Lily’s Candies until 1987. At that time, the business was sold to the Chris A. Papas and Sons Company. The company continues to produce candy under both the Papas and Lily’s labels.
Papas Candy Company
502 Scott Blvd.
Covington, KY 41011
(859) 962-4000
MON-THURS 9:00-9:00
FRI 9:00-6:00
SAT 10:00-5:00
SUN 1:00-5:00
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Local History Closes at 5:00
Tues., Wed. & Friday
William E. Durr
1992 Walton-Nicholson
Independence, KY 41051
(859) 962-4000
MON-FRI 9:00-9:00
SAT 10:00-5:00
SUN 1:00-5:00
In about 1950, the candy making operation was relocated to a new building at 921 Baker Street in Lewisburg. The building was located on the site of the Lewisburg Brewery. In August 1951, Chris A. Papas retired. His daughter, Katherine Papas Hartmann took over the operation of Lily’s. His son, Alex, took over the wholesale business on Baker Street which he named Chris A. Papas and Sons. Papas and Sons quickly became know for its dark chocolate Easter eggs, opera creams and marshmallow eggs.
The Papas Candy Company was established by Chris A. Papas (1894-1984), a Greek immigrant from Macedonia. Papas, born on January 7, 1894, immigrated to the United States in 1909. Initially, he settled in Pittsburgh. Within a brief period of time, however, he moved to Cincinnati. On September 10, 1917, Papas married Lillian Niederhelman (1899-1986). The couple had five children: Katherine, Alex, Gloria, Rita and Joyce.
Papas Candy Company Lewisburg Papas Candy Company The Papas Candy Company was established by Chris A. Papas (1894-1984), a Greek immigrant from Macedonia. Papas, born on January 7, 1894,
Papas candy
TASTE: Sweet and slightly aniseed-like
EFFECT: Basically Indica and relaxed, though during the day, it is also very creative with an interesting Sativa touch. Very potent.
END OF FLOWERING HEIGHT: from 1.5 to 2 meters, depending on sowing time
WEIGHT/YIELD (in soil): between 500 g and 1 kg
OUTDOOR SOWING: between April and June
Second Prize Winner at Spannabis 2009 (resin category)Second Prize Winner at Spannabis Spannabis 2008 (resin category – Papa’s Candy + TNT Kush) First Prize Winner at High Life BCN 2007First Prize Winner at HighLife BCN 2007 (categoría