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pandora strain

Jaamon de cabra es la primera k planto y bayaa, aseguro k es la mejor opcion del mundo, rapidez, produccion, savooorr. xDD yo soi pandero xPP (Posted on 7/2/2011)

Sehr guter Ertrag für Autoflower. Review by Calibrax

Very pleased Review by kryptogreen

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A Winner! Review by kryptogreen
This is the Shit man, really! (Posted on 8/7/2011)
The only auto I will grow as she has a great yield for an 80 day outdoor strain and has a wonderful stone with just a touch of head to make you sit back for an hour. I will literally lose myself in whatever I am doing. Great spicy taste, awesome leaf-calyx ratio, two phenos one very indica dominant and one just a sativa-like monster that grows 2-3 feet with 8+ side colas. Highly recomended and my favorite right now. Thank you Paradise, I will be coming back for many more of this and other strains. (Posted on 9/20/2011)

Thanks Paradise Review by Skywalker

pandora is the best ive gown, regulary get 100g from each plant,bubble ponics & vitalink make pandora truly the best (Posted on 2/3/2012)

An autoflower strain with medical properties this is one toke that keeps giving, with a long lasting buzz that is smooth and very