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panama red seeds for sale

Panama red seeds for sale

Its flavors are just as refreshing as it smells, with the smoke swirling smoothly in the lungs. As such, expect to toke this without triggering coughing fits.

With a THC reaching a moderate strength of up to 16%, it’s a friendly bud that both veterans and novice-users can use to pump up the system for motivation.
Taking it outdoors would require a tropical climate, which also makes it quite difficult as users should keep it away from humidity or frost. Harvest time is usually ready by late October with an average yield of 550 grams per plant.

A strain best paired with their coffee and some sunny-side-up, Panama Red is a classic Sativa that satisfies a craving for a fully energizing breakfast. A bowl of this ganja is all that is needed to equip for the long day ahead.
On that note, it takes 11 to 12 weeks of flowering time for it to yield about 450 to 550 grams per square meter.
Grounding and heart-warming, Panama Red permeates a deep incense-like aroma with an earthy note at its base. It comes close to the mix of spicy and herbal tones of ginger tea, but hints of honey drop round out the aroma with a subtle sweetness that make it pleasant overall.
It has enough kick to satisfy Sativa-enthusiasts needs: upbeat, energizing and uplifting without the risk of veering off into a mental race. As such, users are able to enjoy mellow kind of drive, one that sets of a smooth and comfortable ride throughout the day.
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Its name is a dead giveaway to its origin at Panama, and this Central American weed is known to have spread its flower power back in the late 1960s. However, its popularity has shot down over the past few decades due to its rather lengthy growing time, but the high it delivers is just as groovy as it was back in its heydays.

A friendly bud that both veterans and novice users can enjoy, Panama Red is an old-time classic that delivers enough high to equip users for the day.