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ebay plants for sale

An eBay user offering to ship giant salvinia anywhere in the US. The plant is banned for sale across state lines. Photograph: eBay

In the UK, the sale of controlled plants carries a maximum fine of £5,000 or six months imprisonment. In one particularly brazen example, an eBay seller in Yorkshire was hawking clumps of floating pennywort. The plant was incorrectly labelled “floating dwarf pennywort” but experts at the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (Cabi) and the the Canal & River Trust independently identified the species.
In the UK, the government has banned seven species of aquatic weed from sale or advertisement in England because they have destructively colonised rivers and waterways. But at least three were openly available for sale on eBay and one on Amazon for delivery to any Briton with a credit card.

“We all live in a free trade system, so in general, if you want to impose a ban, you have to have a solid justification,” said Genovesi. Swedish efforts to ban the commercial trade of North American lobsters into Europe on environmental grounds have been met with US resistance.
It is the second time in a week that eBay’s commitment to environmental protection has been questioned after the company refused to ban ads for the removal of exhaust filters from diesel cars.
Both eBay and Amazon have previously been criticised for hosting ivory traders, but the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) rates invasive species as a more significant threat to biodiversity than poaching for animal parts. In February, the CBD said there was an “urgent need” to control the vast, unregulated network of online traders who buy and sell these pests across the globe.
One approach suggested by Lopian was for large marketplaces – such as eBay and Amazon – to issue alerts to customers listing products that may be illegal. This would require the engagement and cooperation of the big marketplaces.
Sales information is not publicly available and neither company would comment on whether any plants listed were in fact sold into the UK. But Andrew Wiseman, one of the UK’s leading environmental lawyers, told the Guardian that in his opinion Amazon and eBay had broken the law by hosting advertisements on their British websites.

Invasive aquatic weeds, popular as decorative items among aquarium enthusiasts, are common online wares and incredibly destructive when they escape. In 1999, a small patch of giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta), a fern native to Brazil, was found floating on the surface of Toledo Bend reservoir in Texas. Astonished observers watched the patch double in size in just three days. Giant salvinia is ranked as one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species. Within a year of the sighting, the plant had spread to at least 50 different waterways and it now infests rivers and lakes from Virginia to California. Despite eradication efforts, 1,200 acres of Toledo Bend now lie beneath its suffocating embrace.


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strawberry cheesequake

Strawberry cheesequake

Now don’t get too upset, this isn’t a total loss. This is the same awesome strawberry base they used in the June 2010 Strawberry Golden Oreo Blizzard. As soon as I tried it, I totally regretted not getting my own because I wanted more of the creamy, strawberry goodness. Sure, they could probably double blend this to spread out the cheesecake flavor, but I didn’t care, I really just want the strawberries.

Here ya go, one medium Strawberry CheeseQuake blizzard sitting on the dash of my wife’s rental car (realllllll long story). Medium you say? That’s right, I’m starting the new year off cheap! woohoo! No, seriously, I was assuming that there was an impending tidal wave of cheeziness approaching, so I decided to not get my own blizzard. Instead I scooped off the top (into the cover) for my quick sampling, and then gave the rest to my cheesecake loving wife.
But see, now we have a problem. I never actually read the description of this blizzard. I saw CHEESEQUAKE and assumed I would be buried under an avalance of cheeziness. Sure, I didn’t actually think about how they would inject cheesecake flavor into this one, but hey, if there is pumpkin puree, why not cheesecake puree. hahaha, oh man, how funny would it be if there was such a thing? cheesecake lovers everywhere would rejoice!

Yeah, there’s like, umm, not really any cheese flavor here and it’s kind of confusing. Oh, sure, there are tons of these big cheesecake chunks, but they don’t really taste like cheesecake. You could just have easily called this a strawberry shortcake blizzard and we wouldn’t have known the difference (full disclosure: my wife came up with that last statement, and she’s right).
So, it’s up to you on this one. If you dig strawberries, give this a try. If you are only doing it for the cheesecake, well, you are on your own. The chunks are certainly fun enough to eat. They are big, soft, and taste fine, it’s just that they don’t really taste like cheesecake. though, ironically, this blizzard did leave us both with this most mild of cheesecake aftertastes.
Check it out, we are flipping over to 2012 with back to back DQ reviews, how cool is that? I think it rocks, but keep in mind, this is all thanks to the mobile version of the DQ website. That’s right, while the DQ blog and website always take forever to switch to the new blizzard, browsing with my mobile phone told me early this morning that they had flipped over to the Strawberry Cheesequake blizzard. Knowing we would be out and about again, I smelled a perfect excuse to head back to DQ.
Note: Strawberry Cheesequake actually became a full time blizzard at some point. For May 2014, we are getting a Strawberry shortcake blizzard which I hope to review soon.
Oooooooooooooo, so chunks are where the cheeseQUAKE comes from, but, ummmmmm, it’s not really a QUAKE. or a shake. or even a tremor. How about CheeseWhiffle? CheeseZephyr? I’m still waiting for you to pass the cheesePlease?

Verdict? Not cheesy, but still good
Buy Again? Probably

Strawberry cheesequake Note: Strawberry Cheesequake actually became a full time blizzard at some point. For May 2014, we are getting a Strawberry shortcake blizzard which I hope to review soon.

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how to make a bowl out of tin foil

How to make a bowl out of tin foil

To start, you will need a long chunk of aluminum foil, and it’s always best to keep it as wrinkle-free as possible, so be careful while you measure out an arm’s length of it from a roll.

Steps on how to make an aluminum homemade pipe
It’s time to make the bowl of your homemade pipe, and it’s as easy as grabbing the widest end of the tube (if there is one) and twisting it just enough that you can bend the tip into a bowl shape before adjusting it so that it points upwards. Sometimes it also helps to keep a toothpick in the end of the tube that’s getting twisted to hold it open enough to maintain airflow.

Now, grab one of the longest edges of the foil and start to bend it inwards into a tube shape. The roll should be about the same thickness as your finger for it to work properly, any bigger and it will be uncomfortable to fit your mouth around, and any smaller and it will be hard to finish the weed pipe without blocking off airflow.
Make sure that the entire piece of aluminum foil is rolled up, and once you find the edges, use a small amount of moisture or pressure to help hold it all together. Luckily aluminum foil is flexible, so this extra step isn’t always necessary.
Now, take a draw through the open end of the makeshift weed pipe. If you feel too much hesitation, then you might have to untwist it a bit until you feel the seal break. Otherwise, you won’t be able to inhale your weed once it’s lit. If it’s good, then you are ready to move onto the next step.
You already have the weed pipe you wanted, but one of the major flaws of aluminum is that it heats up really quickly, so if you want to avoid the feeling of hot lips, then you might want to take another chunk of foil, and use it to shape into a mouthpiece that will slide over the open end of the tube. Make sure to give it a gentle squeeze to seal it all up, but once this final step is finished, you are good to go.
A good weed pipe needs a strong draw, a seal, a stem, a mouthpiece, and bowl, and all of that might sound like a lot if you’re looking around for materials to use to build each individual piece from scratch, but learning how to make a pipe doesn’t have to be difficult, and it almost never requires more than one type of material if you put your mind to it. This aluminum weed pipe is made from 100% aluminum foil, and you won’t need a screen, glue, or anything else extra to make it all work.

This homemade pipe doesn’t need a screen because the hole inside of the bowl is small enough that it’s just not necessary, but you should know that they aren’t recommended for full-time use. They work as an excellent solution in a pinch, but aluminum foil isn’t going to hold up to more than a few uses before it’s ready for the recycling bin.

This aluminum weed pipe is made from 100% aluminum foil, and you won’t need a screen, glue, or anything else extra to make it all work.

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sea of green method setup

Sea of green method setup

It is important to use a suitable variety of cannabis and the best idea is to use clones from a single parent plant. This will ensure that the plants all grow in the same way. Growing identical plants for a short period is the main key to success with a Sea of Green.

Auto-flowering cannabis varieties shift automatically to the flowering stage within a few weeks of germination. They are a popular choice for a SOG. On the other hand, auto-flowering seeds tend to develop a branch structure with a wide reach. In addition, because of their Ruderalis genes, they will never develop buds as large and potent as those from seasonal cannabis.
If you prefer to use cannabis seeds, then make sure they are all of the same variety. Sativas tend to grow too lanky and would impinge on the other plants, but Indicas are more suitable.

Growing cannabis is surprisingly simple: all you need are a few seeds, pots, water and light. If, however, you want to maximise yields and also save time, you will do best with a Sea of Green. No other growing approach will allow you to harvest so much in so little time.
Superfluous leaves and spindly side branches should be removed during the flowering phase. A welcome side effect of this is that it improves the circulation of air.
Anyone living in a small apartment, or working with a Micro Grow Setup, will understand the benefits offered by only needing a small vertical space. Experienced growers can even use shelves to stack several growing levels on top of each other.
Opinions differ as to how long the vegetation phase should last. There are growers who trigger the flowering phase after just a few days, but it is better to wait 10 to 14 days before doing so. The plants are still very young at this point.
The following varieties are particularly appropriate for use as a Sea of Green: Super Skunk, Afghani #1, Hindu Kush and because it is very robust, the classic Northern Lights as well.

We are talking about the Sea of Green method, which combines two major benefits: maximum yields and minimum time invested. Sound too good to be true? Not at all! With a few simple tips, any keen gardener can successfully grow cannabis.

The Sea of Green (SOG) method: No other cultivation method leads to such a rapid cannabis harvest. It takes many, small plants, little space, proper care and following the useful tips in this article! Learn which cannabis varieties to use best and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Download the perfect marijuana sea of green pictures

sea of green method
cannabis screen of green how to
Screen Of Green Growing Technique stress training medical marijuana training screen of green growing guide screen of green growing technique super cropping weed super cropping techniques

Our page is for educational non profit use only The Sea of Green Growing Method (or “SOG” for short) is a method of growing that will reduce growing times to yield as much as cannabis as possible in a fairly short amount of time
Time Stamp for Video:
(00:09) : What is Sea of Green
(01:17) : Pros of Sea of Green
(01:30) : Cons of Sea of Green
(02:22) : Making your own Sea of Green
“Sea of green” is the idea of growing many small cannabis plants instead of just a few bigger plants
Screen of Green (SCROG) – more bang for your bud
Sea of green, or SOG, is a marijuana growing technique that shortens the vegetative stage and increases yield by optimizing light distribution with a screen
Screen of Green (SCROG) is the name of one of the most efficient and productive methods of growing cannabis
Orange and green pattu saree · rob greenfield youtube · sea of green method setup · green lantern power ring replica for sale · the ce shop greenwood village co Sea of green method youtube Sep 21, 2016 Sea of Green is a wildly efficient method of growing The wide and is a jar of the canopy only Sea Of Green Method Explained in-depth Growing organic cannabis The Sea Of Green method Outdoor cannabis cultivation Autoflowering Смотреть ✅ Screen Of Green Step By Step онлайн в хорошем качестве на устройствах Android или iO

– introducing the screen of green grow series: blue dream greenhouse grow – the sea of green method in hd.

sea of green method Time Stamp for Video: (00:09) : What is Sea of Green (01:17) : Pros of Sea of Green (01:30) : Cons of Sea of Green (02:22) : Making your …

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night jasmine seeds

Sow three night blooming jasmine seeds on the soil surface in each pot, spacing them evenly throughout the pot. If you have an existing night blooming jasmine plant, you can collect your own seeds from the dry seed pods in fall.

Water the potting mix until fluid drains from the bottom of the pots. Water before sowing seeds so you don’t dislodge them.
Thin the seedlings to leave only the healthiest plant in each pot when the plants develop two leaf sets. Clip the weaker plants at soil level with a pair of scissors rather than pulling so you don’t disturb the roots of the healthy plant.

Place the pots in a window that receives full sun. Seeds will germinate best with temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a seed germination mat or place the seeds near a heating vent to make the soil warmer than the normal room temperature, if needed.
Cover with a thin layer of soil. Press down on the seeds gently to ensure contact with the soil.
Prepare a planting mixture of equal parts sphagnum peat moss, compost and coarse sand. Fill 4-inch pots with the planting mixture so you can start the seeds indoors.
Night blooming jasmine (Cestrum nocturnum) fills the night air with an almost intoxicating floral fragrance. Grown in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 11, night blooming jasmine features small, star-shaped flowers and vine-like stems. These plants grow in clumps up to 12 feet wide and 12 feet tall with support. The jasmine will die back in freezing temperatures, but return in spring in USDA zones 8 and 9. Night blooming jasmine is considered highly invasive in some areas, so you might want to plant it in containers or prune it frequently to control its size.
Water the seeds as needed to keep the soil moist but not wet. Spray the seeds with a mist of water from a spray bottle to increase humidity if needed. This is especially helpful if you place your seeds near a heating vent where the air tends to become dry.

Transplant the seedlings outdoors or to a larger container when the plants are at least 6 inches tall and when the regular daytime temperatures are above 70 F. Transplant to a site with full sun and light, sandy soil with good drainage. Add ingredients such as compost, manure, leaf mold and coarse sand to help lighten the soil, if needed.

Night blooming jasmine (Cestrum nocturnum) fills the night air with an almost intoxicating floral fragrance. Grown in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 11, night blooming jasmine features small, star-shaped flowers and vine-like stems. These plants grow in clumps up to 12 feet wide and 12 …

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Check out our night jasmine seeds selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our Садоводство и растения shops.

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how to roll a fat blunt

How to roll a fat blunt

Remember, it’s just spit holding your blunt together. So you must cook it to make sure it’s sealed shut. Carefully run the flame of a lighter over the blunt exterior. Make sure you keep the flame moving and don’t scorch the tobacco leaf. After a couple of minutes cooking, you’ve got a perfectly finished, classic blunt. Blaze up and enjoy.

The penultimate step is to roll up that fatty. If you can roll a joint, then you can absolutely roll a blunt. Just be extra gentle with the tobacco leaf. Flip, fold, and done. Also, it’s no harm to add a roach tip like you would for a spliff.
Just in case any newbies happen to be reading this blog, allow us to briefly explain what a blunt is. In ordinary decent stoner terms, a blunt is a weed-packed roll-up that differs from the average joint, because instead of a rolling paper, it’s wrapped in a hollowed-out cigar. Welcome to flavour country.

First, you need to open up that cigar. If you have the touch, by all means, go for it by hand. However, for a precision split running through the centre of the cigar from end to end, a sharp pocket knife is preferred. Take care not to tear the cigar apart. Only split the top shell of tobacco leaf.
This is the messy part. A liberal slobber of saliva will be required. There is no choice but to give both sides of the tobacco leaf a good wet lick. It won’t taste pleasant, but it’s unavoidable. Plus, it’s worth it and you’ll soon have a tasty blunt to toke.
To craft your very own fine “cannagar”, you need two key ingredients and a couple of tools. Obviously, you need some bud and ideally, you should break it down with a weed grinder. You’ll also need a cigar or cigarillo. And perhaps a sharp knife to cut it open with.
Pack that blunt. You really need at least 1g, preferably 2–3g for a nice fat blunt. Try to spread out an even, sticky green stuffing. If you want to add hash or some other gooey concentrates, you should sandwich the extract in flower for an even burn. A concentrated core is not the most efficient way to enjoy extracts, but definitely one of the tastiest.
Of course, you can just buy a packet of blunt wraps. These are ready to roll right out of the packet and are available in a wide variety of delicious flavours. You can keep it simple and enjoy some juicy blueberry or indulge in some peanut butter and jelly if you fancy. These days, the selection is incredible and they don’t just taste great to lick, the flavour permeates every draw.

Gut the cigar. Remove all the tobacco innards to make room for your marijuana.

Blunts are the cannabis cigar of choice for those who prefer to roll-up, rather than dab or vape. This is your guide to rolling the perfect blunt.

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how to fix over watered cannabis plants

How to fix over watered cannabis plants

To guarantee that this doesn’t happen to your next grow, Seedsman offer this handy guide which should help you diagnose and treat over-watered plants and ensure that you have the perfect finished product.

This drooping will likely occur after a watering, so remember to check back on your plants in the mnutes and hours after every watering to observe for signs of over-watering.
The other most common reason for over-watered cannabis plants is that your grow medium is not allowing enough air to get to the roots and/or has a poor drainage system. This can be altered easily by modifying the way in which your medium is set-up.

In some cases, chlorosis will occur in the leaves, meaning that they will turn yellow in colour. Don’t mistake this for nutrient deficiency; more often than not, if your leaves are drooping from the stem, it will be related to over-watering.
Eager to ensure that a cannabis plant is growing to its maximum potential, some inexperienced cultivators may water their crop a little to much. This can result in a number of problems, which can often set your grow back a number of weeks.
The reason that leaves will droop through over-watering is pretty simple. If there is too much water surrounding the roots, the plant is unable to take in enough oxygen. Therefore, the plant itself is being starved of this precious element, causing drooping and eventual death.
While it can be very hard to troubleshoot certain issues with cannabis plants, luckily, an over-watered plant is fairly easy to spot.
If you are spotting clear signs that your cannabis plants are over-watered, you need to decipher why. Generally, there are two reason as to why this occurs.

Under-watered cannabis plants often demonstrate the same symptoms as over-watered plants. While there is no definite way to tell between the two issues, common sense should prevail in this scenario. Even a novice grower should be able to tell if they have been too timid or too eager with their watering habits.

Eager to ensure that a cannabis plant is growing to its maximum potential, some inexperienced cultivators may water their crop a little to much. This can result in a number of problems, which can often set your grow back a number of weeks. To guarantee that this doesn't happen to your next …

How to fix over watered cannabis plants

Most cases of over watering, will be with weed plants grown in soil. Soil retains water for a lot longer than coco, so less air can get to the roots. If you do not let the soil dry out between watering, the roots can’t breathe.

Over watering your cannabis plants will have an effect on their whole nutrient uptake. Your plants growth will be diminished, and your plants are prone to getting mould and rot.
You also run the risk of having bugs move into your grow room. Insects larvae like moist mediums. If your soil never dries out, bugs will move in.

The symptoms of over watering a cannabis plant will display for a number of reasons. The roots of a marijuana need water and air in order to uptake nutrients. If you water the plants too much, your plants will not be able to absorb these things effectively.
With practise you will be able to find the right watering and feeding schedule for your cannabis plants. If you continue to have issues, after fixing your watering schedule, then the problem may lay elsewhere.
If your leaves constantly seem plump, and full of moisture, you’re probably over watering. The leaves are absorbing more water than they can sweat out. They become heavy, and will droop and curl under.
It is very difficult to over water when growing weed in coco. The coco doesn’t hold as much water as soil does. It runs straight through just making the medium damp. You can water every day in coco, and still not suffer from over watering.
If your plants show the symptoms of over watering, then you are most likely letting your plants sit in run off. This will also prevent air getting to the roots. Water you coco everyday, but always make sure you remove run off to prevent salt build up, and root rot.

There is a fine balance you have to find, which is specific for each grow, it will take practise on your part to get it right. Don’t let the medium completely dry out, as this will affect the microbes living in the soil.

The symptoms of over watering a cannabis plant will display for a number of reasons. Find out if you are over watering your plants here.

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single seed centre is back

Whilst it is always a shame to see that The Single Seed Centre have shut down, Seed City is more than happy to welcome those left behind by their absence. Seed City offers a huge choice of over 5,600 cannabis seeds from more than 180 different breeders. We offer guaranteed delivery on all signed for orders, free UK delivery, a price-match promise, the ability to purchase single seeds of every strain we offer and the most in-depth seed categorisation online.

Just so that you know you are getting exactly what you paid for, we ensure that all our single seeds are individually labelled and we can include an equal portion of the manufacturers packaging upon request. To provide this safeguard, we insist upon manual packing. As you can imagine, this is very time consuming but we strongly recommend that you do not to trust any company who is not willing to supply part of the original packet. We try to send full packs sealed in their original packaging, although some of our packaging methods do not allow us to do so.
If you are collecting weed seeds, it can be difficult to get single seeds or even small amounts of the same seed. At worldwide marijuana seeds, we are known as the single seed centre because we offer the choice to buy individual seeds. This makes collecting easier and cheaper for many people. Purchasing single seeds is a fantastic option for those collectors who are interested in collecting all the different varieties of weed seeds. To a layman, a seed is simply a seed however; the true interest in collecting these seeds is in the knowledge of the variants that you are collecting. While all the seeds that we sell at worldwide marijuana seeds are for purely collecting purposes, they are developed by the best seed banks in the world. Take for example the Sensi seeds bank, multi-award winning producers of feminized seeds. As they have been producing seeds for over two decades, they have accumulated a very large collection of gene strains and knowledge. They then use all their knowledge to engineer new and exciting variants of marijuana seeds such as their ever popular Big Bud variant. It is this striving for development that makes this field of collection such an interesting hobby.

The Single Seed Centre was a retail website selling cannabis seeds that appears to have unfortunately now closed down. It was also known as Worldwide Marijuana Seeds and appears to have mainly been aimed at the USA market. Their domain name was registered in 2008 and so I believe they were operational from around 2010 to early 2021. They appear now to have merged with another company but we will record some details here for posterity. They sold seeds from around 180 different breeders from 00 Seeds to Zambeza Seeds and as their name suggests, they specialised in retailing single seeds of this range. The Single Seed Centre accepted payment by BitCoin, cash and bank transfer as well as occasionally being able to accept credit card payments.
You can choose any combination of weed seeds you wish, but we have a feature on our site that will show you seeds with matching characteristics.””
Regular sized packs of weed seeds can vary in size from 6 in a pack to anything up to 10 seeds. As a new cannabis seeds collector you may wonder why you may need to order larger packets of weed seeds. The answer is twofold; firstly seeds are living collectors’ items and as such need to be stored correctly. Having a larger number of a particular specimen acts as an insurance against accidents in storage, especially if you take the precaution to store them in different locations. Storing marijuana seeds need not be difficult however, for optimum longevity they need to be kept consistently cool and free from humidity. The second reason to purchase cannabis seeds in bulk is to handpick the most decorative seeds for your collection. While all our seeds are of the highest quality and sourced from the world’s premier seed banks, the appearance of them will vary. If you opt for a single seed you are left with the luck of the draw in terms of surface variations. If you are an avid seed collector then you may like the option to hand pick the appearance of the marijuana seeds in your collection. One of the most attractive features of many weed seeds is the lighter mottled areas on the surface of many of the variants.
A little about The Single Seed Centre from their website while it was still online:
The Single Seed Centre offered a guarantee with the text stating: ” If for whatever reason your order does not arrive, we will re-ship free of charge. All you have to do is choose one of our ‘guaranteed’ shipping options (and make sure you enter your address correctly!)” and delivery took around 1 to 2 weeks from shipment date. They also offered various Promos and maintained an affiliate system.

“”You can buy as many (or as few!) seeds as you like. We are the premier company in individual seeds – this gives you the opportunity to try as many different seeds as you want without spending a fortune.

The Single Seed Centre? was a retail website selling cannabis seeds that appears to have unfortunately now closed down. It was also known a

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channel seedsman

This website may contain “forward-looking statements” based on current assumptions and forecasts made by Bayer management. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors could lead to material differences between the actual future results, financial situation, development or performance of the company and the estimates given here. These factors include those discussed in Bayer’s public reports which are available on the Bayer website at

XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology is part of the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System and is a restricted use pesticide. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. It is a violation of federal and state law to use any pesticide product other than in accordance with its labeling. XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology and products with XtendFlex® Technology may not be approved in all states and may be subject to use restrictions in some states. Check with your local product dealer or representative or U.S. EPA and your state pesticide regulatory agency for the product registration status and additional restrictions in your state. For approved tank-mix products and nozzles visit
NOT ALL formulations of dicamba or glyphosate are approved for in-crop use with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans. ONLY USE FORMULATIONS THAT ARE SPECIFICALLY LABELED FOR SUCH USES AND APPROVED FOR SUCH USE IN THE STATE OF APPLICATION. Contact the U.S. EPA and your state pesticide regulatory agency with any questions about the approval status of dicamba herbicide products for in-crop use with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans or cotton with XtendFlex® Technology.

IMPORTANT IRM INFORMATION: RIB Complete® corn blend products do not require the planting of a structured refuge except in the Cotton-Growing Area where corn earworm is a significant pest. See the IRM/Grower Guide for additional information. Always read and follow IRM requirements.
Commercialization of XtendFlex® soybeans is dependent on multiple factors, including successful conclusion of the regulatory process. The information presented herein is provided for educational purposes only, and is not and shall not be construed as an offer to sell. Soybeans with XtendFlex® Technology contain genes that confer tolerance to glyphosate, glufosinate and dicamba. Glyphosate will kill crops that are not tolerant to glyphosate. Dicamba will kill crops that are not tolerant to dicamba. Glufosinate will kill crops that are not tolerant to glufosinate. Contact your seed brand dealer or refer to the Monsanto Technology Use Guide for recommended weed control programs.
Only a Channel Seedsman can deliver customized recommendations for your unique acres. Through the Channel® Field Check Up Series, your local Seedsman will be there to help you at every stage of the season with timely observations and actionable advice for your fields. Find out more by contacting your Seedsman today.
FOR CORN, EACH ACCELERON® SEED APPLIED SOLUTIONS OFFERING is a combination of separate individually registered products containing the active ingredients: BASIC plus Poncho®/VOTiVO® Offering for corn: metalaxyl, prothioconazole, fluoxastrobin, clothianidin, Bacillus firmus I-1582. ELITE plus Poncho®/VOTiVO® Offering for corn: metalaxyl, clothianidin, and Bacillus firmus I-1582; prothioconazole and fluoxastrobin at rates that suppress additional diseases. BASIC Offering for corn: metalaxyl, prothioconazole, fluoxastrobin, and clothianidin. ELITE Offering for corn: metalaxyl, and clothianidin; prothioconazole and fluoxastrobin at rates that suppress additional diseases. BioRise™ Corn Offering is the on-seed application of either BioRise™ 360 ST or the separately registered seed applied products Acceleron® B-300 SAT and BioRise™ 360 ST. BioRise™ Corn Offering is included seamlessly across offerings on all class of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 products.
B.t. products may not yet be registered in all states. Check with your seed brand representative for the registration status in your state.

The distribution, sale, or use of an unregistered pesticide is a violation of federal and/or state law and is strictly prohibited. Not all products are approved in all states.

Use this zip code map to quickly locate a Channel Seedsman near you with the local agronomy knowledge and experience you need.

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order grapefruit online

Order grapefruit online

Ruby Red Grapefruit are sweet, extremely juicy and rich in flavor. They are great for fresh eating or fresh grapefruit juice and never need sugar.

One-half Ruby Red Grapefruit, approximately 100 grams, contains:
Ruby Red Grapefruit may interact with some drugs, including cholesterol and blood pressure medications. It is recommended that you consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are concerned about the interaction between grapefruit and medications that you are taking.

Ruby Red Grapefruit are available November through April.
The warm, moist climate in Florida fostered a particularly juicy and sweet fruit which was renamed Ruby Red Grapefruit and now comprises the bulk of the state’s grapefruit crop.
Ruby Red Grapefruit, initially called “Redblush,” was a “limb sport,” or spontaneous mutation of a Thompson Grapefruit, itself a sport of the Florida White Marsh Grapefruit. Redblush was first observed by J. B. Webb of Donna, Texas in 1931. Budwood from the limb was grafted onto rough lemon root stock and in 1934 this generally seedless red grapefruit was widely introduced.
Known to be high in Vitamin C, grapefruit, including Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit, also contain many other vitamins and minerals thought to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, fight anemia, help prevent cancer and provide other health benefits.
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