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pac man weed strain

But a foremost cannabis expert, Jeffrey Raber, who holds a PhD. in chemistry from USC, says it’s all BS. Those names don’t mean anything, and a forthcoming study he’s working on will prove it, Raber tells us. In fact …

Raber’s company, the Werk Shop, provides testing for medical marijuana dispensaries so they can sell pesticide-free weed that’s been verified.
The strain study he’s working on is analyzing more than 1,000 brands of cannabis sold at pot shops, Raber says. The science involved is called metabolomics and will look at metabolites, cannabinoids, turpenes and 42 other aspects of each sample, he says.

“Most people don’t even know,” he says. “We took a popular name, Jack Herer, and found that most didn’t even look like each other. OG whatever, Kush whatever, and the marketing that goes along with it — it’s not really medically designed.”
To be sure, many of the aforementioned strains pack the punch promised by their purveyors.
But beyond that, especially when it comes to projections of stimulation or relaxation, head trips versus body highs, and strain-specific cures and treatments, it’s a crapshoot, Raber says.
OG Kush. Skywalker. Pineapple Express. Sour Diesel. Sour Jack.

You need a better classification system. We need a new naming system. We’re at the forefront of being able to do that.

The pot expert plans to see the study published by next spring. He hopes that, in the end, the research will establish new guidelines for naming strains so that they’re consistent from dispensary to dispensary and, more importantly, so that they actually mean something to the consumer.

OG Kush. Skywalker. Pineapple Express. Sour Diesel. Sour Jack. These are the "strains" that medical marijuana consumers are sold, often at premium prices, with the promise that they'll do something special for you. But a foremost cannabis expert, Jeffrey Raber, who holds a PhD. in chemistry from USC, says it's…

Pac man weed strain

Hi Bradley, no sorry; we spent a lot of money and effort developing these games, and they’re what makes our site unique. ? However, you can have your site visitors play the games via an iFrame, where they’ll be playing the game from my site’s server, but won’t actually leave your site. Several websites have done this in the past and it worked out well for them. Best wishes Peace -Russ

What’s the plan for coming india and trying some indian mountain weed stuff.
Sorry, I don’t know what “plugs g” means… And no, I don’t give out my cannabis industry contacts to strangers, that would not be very cool of me…

This weed game plays just like the original arcade version, but instead of eating pellets you have to eat a lot of pot. There are also some bongs, joints and munchies to go after while you try to avoid being killed by the bad guys. And just who are those bad guys? Why none other than the much-feared ghost cops, ghost bouncers and the ever-nagging Mrs. Pacman.
Yo Russ what kinda medical conditions do u need to have to be eligible for medical weed in the UK?
Haha no plan at this time thanks to Covid-19. Someday…
***If you are using a mobile device, smartphone or tablet, you may not be able to see the game above. To play, you will need to download a version of Flash player that will work for your device. Go to your favorite app store and type “flash player” in the search bar, then download the appropriate app for your device.***
And by contacts u mean plugs g? If so email me their info that’ll be bless

I’m in the US now…why, what’s up?

The Stoned Pacman marijuana game is like the original, but this version gets you high! We changed the old arcade game to a pot game complete with ghost cops and more.