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ossc seeds

MeApril 17,2015)It has been 36 USPS working days since my order left country of origin. My order is not going to arrive. Please issue me a refund IMMEDIATELY!
I can confirm that USPS have updated your package details as follows:
Your item has been processed through our sort facility in ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) at 6:06 am on March 26, 2015.
Me: (March 23, 2015) Hello, I placed an order for seeds on 2/27/15. I was told they had shipped just a few days after I placed my order. I have been keeping an eye recently on the tracking because it has been almost 30 days since I placed my order. The tracking is saying the package is still in the origin country waiting shipment. After almost 30 days? Please advise me if this order is going to delivered anytime soon or if I should cancel my order and place it somewhere else. This is the first time I have ordered from your company and this is the longest time I have had to wait for a seed delivery.
MeApril 6,2015) I have still not received my shipment and am unable to track it, which is what I paid extra for.
OSSCApril17, 2015)Hi Deana,
We understand your fustratiuon as is ours. Unfortunately, we are unable to help until our 36 working days. If you have still not received your parcel by Monday the 27th of April, please get back to us and we will try to sort something out. Ideally, we also would like your order to reach itґs destination. If however, it is returned to us, we will contact you immediately to arrange redelivery.
Please keep us informed, we are sure your package will arrive shortly.
Kind regards
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OSSC: (March 25,2015)Hi Deana,
Thank you for contacting us. It is unfortunate that USPS still have not updated their system with your order details. Your order was shipped from Spain on the 5th of March. Please allow USPS 36 working days to deliver your parcel. Your order was shipped 13 working days ago. You should receive your order shortly.
Kind regards
Original Sensible
OSSCApril 27, 2015)Hi Deana,
Thank you for contacting us again.
We understand that you have done all you can to retrieve your parcel. Unfortunately, not all of our customers are as honest as yourself. As such, it is not our policy to refund orders in transit.
Although we have every faith in the postal system to deliver your parcel, as a gesture of goodwill, we will credit your acccount with 10% for the value of your order. Ideally, we also would like your order to reach itґs destination. If however, it has been declared undeliverable, it will be returned to us. Unfortunately, USPS tend to apply a low level of priority to such returns and sometimes this can take a long time.
Once we have received the order, we will of course re-ship it to you in full.
Please keep us informed, we are sure your package will arrive shortly.
Kind regards
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MeApril 17,2015)In one of the previous messages I received from your company, it stated “allow USPS 36 working days to deliver”. Our United States USPS has working days of Monday through Saturday, so it has been just over 36 days. Please stop making me wait. Just admit something has went wrong and make it right by reshipping my order and fast tracking it, or return my money so I can place my order with my usual company who always gets it here within two weeks. I do not want to start downing your companies name all over the internet, but I will if you guys can not manage to do the right thing. I think you know at this point that I am probably not going to receive my order. Please do the right thing here.
Me: (March 25,2015) Ok, I have found the contact information to track package in Spain. I am being told that the package is being held in Spain and due to ship out to US on May 3, 2015. This is unacceptable and much past the dates you have given me. How long will it take for your company to stop shipment and refund all my money. I have never had to wait this long for a shipment.
Selection: Descent selection, but you won’t know because you won’t receive them. Price: Descently priced, but if your order doesn’t show up, be prepared to lose that money, they do not do refunds. Service: Customer service will respond to your inquiries quickly, but will keep feeding you bs. Stealth Rating: Paid additional money for stealth and tracking, both of which are nonexistent. Can not track order and it’s been 2 months since I placed order, so stealth…lol…yeah right. Would you
Ossc seeds
State Seeds Corporation ODISHA is dedicated to meeting customer requirements and exceeding customer expectations, while exporting quality food ingredients.
Orissa State Seeds Corporation Limited (OSSC) is a Government Company under the administrative control of the Department of Agriculture, Government of Orissa.
In order to achieve this the Company organizes seed production programmes through seed growers at various places in the State of Orissa.
Orissa Sate Seeds Corporation Ltd., popularly known by its brand name “ORISEED” is one of the leading State Seeds Corporation among all State Seed Corporations in India serving in the larger interest of farmers from three decades with farmer’s faith brand loyalty, quality assurance, dedicated service and sustainable contribution for upliftment of farmers with Glorious achievements.
At present the OSSC is having 11 number of Directors. Out of which 10 are nominated by the State Govt., N.S.C. and O.U.A.T and one Director representing the Growers
The management of the Company is vested in the Board of Directors who are nominated by the State Govt. , National Seeds Corporation (NSC Ltd.) and growers. The Chairman and Managing Director of the Company are also representative of the Govt. of Orissa.
To implement for State seed Project forming part of National Seeds Programme in accordance with the arrangements between International Development Agency.
Status of Seed Processing
Crops are being multiplied from Breeder to Foundation and Foundation to Certified stages in farmers field main
Ossc seeds Cereals We are dealing in varieties of Agriculture Grain producuts like Green Millet,Yellow Maize,Barley, Sorghum,Wheat,Rice to name a few. Oil Seeds We are dealing