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oregon pineapple strain

Oregon pineapple strain
What do others have to say about this strain? We found this quote on Leafly to be spot on!!
Relieves stress:
Proudly grown by Chalice Farms
Fights fatigue:
Induces euphoria:
Fights depression:
Oregon Pineapple by Chalice farms is a wonderful, light and fluffy bud that smells amazing! It has great citrus smell and taste that brings you up in an instant. This version of Orp is great for daytime use, allowing you to be highly functional but still very happy. We found that even though it relieved some pretty hefty stress, it allowed us to perform all of our duties without putting us to sleep. One slight negative was that it did cause us all to have dry mouth, so be sure to have your favorite drink close at hand when you’re smoking the “Pineapple” …
Strain attributes:
Bud of the Month – Oregon Pineapple Proudly grown by Chalice Farms Strain attributes: Relieves stress: Fights fatigue: Fights depression: Induces euphoria: