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oregon peach opal

• Since the early 20th century, opals have been considered a birthstone in the United States and the United Kingdom. In fact, opals have a history of being connected to this month as a birthstone since at least the early 1400s. American mineralogist G.F. Kunz once remarked how opal exemplifies October and displays the contrasting colors of autumn in its possible color combinations. Peach opal contributes to this tradition, the gem showing color like a changing leaf in fall.

• Many gems are represented in the tropical zodiac. Opal, however, is not associated with any star sign.
• These tales are further plagued by real life instances of mishap from the period. Queen Victoria suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during her coronation, later blamed on an opal fastening pin which became undone. And King Alphonso XII of Spain, along with his wife and other family members, all died after wearing an opal ring the kind had commissioned for his queen.

This opal variety was first discovered while prospecting the hills of Lake County during the summer of 2016. An often-used mining technique is following the “float.” Float are pieces of rock that break off from a larger formation, and through natural forces, like melting frost, moving downstream through rivers or glaciers. The family-run mining company that supplies Shop LC with our peach opal utilized this traditional technique as the float led them to this discovery! However, the process is mechanized these days. A machine sorts buckets of wash and agitates the material to separate important elements from waste. These geological clues give miners insight into how to proceed as they continue prospecting.
The mining family was able to work the deposit until the first snows began to hit the ground in Oregon. This gave them material to prepare for presentation to prospective retailers, like Shop LC. Since the area can experience rather severe winters, working the deposit would have to wait until spring, when the snows have melted and the ground thawed enough for their tools to be employed.
• Secondly, a famous story from the same era featured a character under enchantment, whose well-being was represented by the changes of her opal jewelry. In this story, “Anne of Gerstein,” the character Hermoine met an unfortunate end, and the opals associated with her acquired this same unlucky reputation.
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• Many ancient cultures suggested that opal improved sight, or at times obscured a figure from being seen. In medieval lapidary texts, opals might sometimes be described as ophthalmius (literally “eye stone”), in recognition of this quality.

Opals come in a surprising variety of colors and types, from locations the world over. Oregon peach opal comes from Lake County, Oregon, in the United States. Oregon peach opal is a new find and has not been offered nationally before. Shop LC is excited to be the first to bring this impressive stone to market.

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