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orange kush seeds

Orange kush seeds
Somewhat easy to cultivate, Orange Kush is a cannabis plant that boasts of green and orange colors. It has elongated nugs that are dense and covered with bright orange pistils sticking out. An abundant amount of glittering trichome crystals blankets the entire plant making for a shimmering effect.
From a happy high, Orange Kush gradually makes its physical effects felt. It begins with a soothing sensation that uplifts the spirit. As it spreads all over the body, a sense of relaxation washes over. Then it hits hard with a numbing buzz. At this point, users either feel lazy or more likely stay locked on the couch.
On one end of the spectrum, OG Kush passed on its Indica genetics along with its ability to quickly take out stress. Orange Bud, on the other hand, not only passed on its colors but more so its fragrance. As an offspring, Orange Kush is not just a mere reflection of its parents. In fact, it also exceeds the predecessors with its insanely high 24% THC. The plant itself has also placed second in the Bio category of the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup.
Orange Kush is potent, but its adverse effects are not any worse than other strains. And this usually happens when one takes a tad too much of this herb. For starters, most people experience the drying of the eyes and mouth. Dizziness could also accompany it.
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Orange Kush is a fragrant plant that is sweet smelling with strong notes of citrus and pine. It also woody notes that coat the smell mixed with a little spice. The orange scent is quite intense and can quickly fill up an entire room.
During the early stage, it ushers in the sense of happiness. As a result, users tend to be sociable. Feeling cheerful and upbeat, not only does one become talkative, but also seems to laugh at every opportunity.
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Of significance that contributed to the premium quality of Orange Kush is the breeder itself. While many have focused on developing hybrids for recreational users, Green Devil Genetics is more intent on medical marijuana. In the case of this hybrid, they used two strains that have distinguished itself from their peers with unique traits.
A delight to the senses with its citrusy fragrance and flavors, Orange Kush delivers a soaring high before putting users in deep relaxation.