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oni seed browser

2,75kg/s, the cool steam geysers produce each

Not sure whether it should rather go into “suggestions and feedback”.
1/3rd of the maps do not even have an additional “proper” water geyser (producing at

Open debug, zoom the map out, sample the vacuum. Paint that over the entire map. Structures and geysers etc. will remain.

Thanks for the advice, I have been using it. Brush size to 200, one click to reveal, one click to vacuum, wait a few seconds for items to fall, third click to vacuum again (this is one is pretty much instant comparing to first vacuuming), screenshot mode, zoom out to see entire map. It still takes a while.
Natural Gas? 97,5g/s, also much less becomes less water
I am doing that same debug-mode world searching. (which seems to cause a memory leak, too).
And yeah, some of the geysers/vents are pretty much useless due to their low output. But, hydrogen, chlorine, all waters/slush, cool steam are especially nice. And one gets almost always at least one natural gas things (I have had only one case where there was only 3 initially shown default geysers/vents, so I guess the default NG one could be missing in certain rare case).

24 dupes is just silly

Oni seed browser Not sure whether it should rather go into “suggestions and feedback”. TL;DR Is there any way I can get the number and type of geysers from the seed, without starting the game