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old school breeders

Old school breeders

I had a mix up and order was lost and I had to call them a total of 4 times to finally get them to send my seeds . On top of that the 3 months I wiated ,they ran out of 2 of the strians that I ordered but they clearly still say it was available on there website . So they are just slacking on keeping there sit updated or they are up to something shady . Either way it kinda Sucks . Still have hope that the quality of the genetics are as good as they say . 2 out of 10 popped of the M.M. × N.H.21 and 0 out of 10 popped of the godbud they gave me to replace the strian that they were out of stock of. The godbud seeds looked old and about six of them were almost hollow. Really disappointed with this experience so far . I dont recommend even trying these guys and if you do just get 1 or 2 packs not 6 or 7 like I did. The best experience I have had was with attitude seed bank. Top notch and as legit as it gets .

WOW on the Early purple kush and the Tuna Kush. The cross is amazing.
Nice stealth sending to Switzerland ? Shipping duration 1 mouth and 9 days. I will order again next time.

the most amazing old seed strains going
super fast delivery
even got the legedary mull madness
Was a little skeptical about ordering from these guys but a few people that have shared their wares with me said it was from OSB. So i did what anyone willing to sink or swim would do. I made a big order of all the strains I was looking for. Being from Canada I thought it would be best to stay with a Canadian seed company. When I placed the order there was radio silence. I became a little concerned that I had just thrown away $481. So I sent out an email and within a few hours I received a reply saying that my order has been processed. Within the week my seeds were in the mail all labeled AND received 12 free seeds of one of the strains that was on the list but was going to have to wait. That was just luck. The packaging was discreet and well done to preserve the integrity of the seeds.
These guys have been at it a long time in one way shape or form. No problem ordering from them again. The seed selection they have will keep me busy for the rest of my days. I now have more seeds than I do space to grow. Do not hesitate. Cant say enough about these guys.
Never had a problem 100% germination,quality high test. Been using for 10 years now Recommend to everyone. Thanks Mike Your the Best. TOM NY
On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 18 user reviews.
Ordered and received in 17 days including weekends. From BC to CA.

Safely packaged, quick shipping.

Old School Breeders Association Seedbank Review ⛔ SHOP IS OFFLINE ⛔ User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 18 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Old School Breeders

I don’t think Kanga is personally working with anyone is he? I though he was in jail!

So many great choices from MNS and new up and coming breeders with fine reputations to waste on sketchy and unknown seeds.

Caveat emptor, is all else I have to add.

If you had the coin, plant count and space to spare I would give them a chance. If not then your better off going with something like super silver haze or mango or the doors or ASH. More reliable reports and proven results from known genetics.
I was lucky enough to get some F2s. They are OK but honestly I think you’d be better off with something un-tainted. They started off (when they showed up on the web) with some good reports which devolved quickly into a money grab. later reports seem less stellar and more suspect on whether or not the beans are what they claim to be.
Didn’t even Charles denounce the medicalMJsales site?
They’re even trying to sell “charlottes web pheno”
I corresponded with MedicalMSS and then oldschoolba in January, and was interested. Just no substance to the marketing unfortunately. I wasnt convinced in the product, nor with the people I would be dealing with. Monster Breeders? Reeferman has his own site, and makes no mention of this Old School BA anywhere. Never heard of em. Then Reeferman made a statement (if i remember on IC) that due to commitments made with a company that he would be working for, he would be restricted in his ability to sell seeds, and would desist in this immediately. Think he was jumping on the en-masse med bandwagon. Now he has another site up in his name. CAnnabis business full of smoke and mirrors.

And fx can u confirm, you just alluded to something – Was Kanga working, or will he be working with Shanti upon his renewed liberty? He had some lovely work, from what I remember.

hi fellows, i know we are at mr nice forum but i wished to know what do you think of this seed distributor who offers nevils new seeds, mostly nevils