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Our Organic CBD oil made from premium hemp extract – good for health. Buy high-quality organic cannabis oil & CBD-rich products at Ojai Energetics now! Thinking about trying Ojai CBD? Check out this full 2022 review of Ojai's products that includes photos, videos, lab results, and working coupon code.

Ojai Energetics Organic CBD Oil For Sale

Most users feel the benefits of our organic, water-soluble CBD, with proper dosage, in under 30 seconds, not 30 minutes like a regular CBD rich tincture.

Most Bioavailable

250 MG of Ojai Water Soluble CBD = Approx 5000 MG of other CBD on the market.

Ultimate Product

Created using organic ingredients and regenerative farming practices, benefiting people and the planet.

Our technology is patent protected:

Same Great Organic CBD Product, New Look!

Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

CBD Coconut Oil

5OZ $27.95
12OZ $54.95

CBD Sports Gel

CBD Trial Pack

Includes: (1) Full Hemp Elixir + (1) 12oz Coconut Oil


Today I get full REM sleep I wake up feeling good, clear and ready to take on the day. Thank you Ojai Energetics

This is a miracle substance! I have been taking a dropper-full a day for the last week; I feel clean, clear and bright and the best I have felt in years! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Immediately after using Ojai Energetics I saw the results. Being a personal trainer, and playing multiple sports, I’m on my feet all day. And as a result I would have aches and pain in my shoulders and legs. Not anymore! That`s why I recommend Ojai Energetics products to all my clients. Not only are their products organic, they really do care about the environment

Your product has really changed my life in a great way. I love to be active and ski, kayak ect. But pain has slowed me down/ recover from workouts. But your cbd oil has helped me so much be pain free! And I don’t have to take ibuprofen or Aleve!

Initially the effect of this product on me was prolonged calm, and elevated mood. I have also noticed that this product eliminates (for several hours) upper back and shoulder twinges and pain that can come from sitting at a desk for long periods of time – what a big plus for me.

Will Kleidon

Greetings! I founded Ojai Energetics after searching for a CBD rich hemp oil for a personal need in 2014, and I couldn’t find one that was made without synthetic fillers, had 3rd party batch testing results, and used organic ingredients.

I wanted to create an organic CBD oil that I would feel good taking, and feel good about giving to friends and loved ones.

Not only did I set out to create the most effective and clean CBD rich hemp products, I wanted to do it in manner that was in alignment with my love and care for the earth and all of its inhabitants.

And so, Ojai Energetics was born, as the first Public Benefit Corporation in the space. Bringing the world an opportunity to experience organic CBD oil is a passion of mine.

It’s been an amazing adventure so far, and we have exciting offerings coming, from clean energy technology from our hemp ‘waste’, to customizable mood experiences a user can create on the spot in their own home and even the opportunity to make an impact on your endocannabinoid system using an organic CBD tincture with our patented formula.

It’s a privilege to be able to be of service to help uplift humanity and all life by providing the most effective and affordable hemp products and do so in a manner that catalyzes good everywhere we touch.

Every time someone helps change their lives or their loved ones by using Ojai Energetics, they are also helping to be the change they wish to see in uplifting the world. Thanks for joining this journey of a lifetime!


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The Ojai Energetics Technology

Learn more about the technology that brought the most advanced organic, water-soluble CBD oil on the planet to life!

See Exactly What’s In Your Product!

Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

CBD Coconut Oil

Learn More About Using Ojai Energetics Organic CBD Oil

From our proprietary Honey Dosing method to additional uses for CBD that you may not have thought of, learn more here.

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  • 236 W Ojai Ave #100, Ojai, CA 93023
  • PO Box 1510 Ojai, CA 93024, USA
  • 877.774.4531
  • [email protected]

Ojai Energetics Corporate Responsibility

We exist to be a catalyst for good. With our non-negotiable, triple bottom line policy of putting people and planet before profits while being fiscally successful we are being the change we want to see in the world. We strive to run our company with these values, exemplified by running our servers with wind energy, and ensuring access to health products for those who cannot afford them. We work to build relationships with the farmers who grow the ingredients we use, ensuring fair trade wages, and only supporting regenerative farming practices. We will always ensure from seed to planting to the final products in your hands that we have made the world a better place without cutting corners. We are always working to improve the standards for all the communities we touch. By honoring and valuing people, the environment, and all other members of Life (while still being a successful business) we are a living example that success does not need to be at the expense of others well being. We love life, and we love you.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We are dedicated to be a catalyst of good for people and planet. That’s why we only support regenerative farming and fair trade practices that use certified organic or beyond like bio-dynamic or permaculture systems for every ingredient we use. You will never find a synthetic or synthetically modified compound in our products period. We use veggie inks and eco-friendly labels made in the US, our servers are offset by wind power. We also are working on clean energy technology with the national labs, made from the ‘left over’ parts of the hemp. We love life and we love you!

No High

None of our organic CBD products are psychoactive as they are derived from federally legal Farm Bill compliant Industrial Hemp. To be legally hemp, the plant must contain less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. This is well below the psychoactive threshold mitigating any chance of being intoxicated, and in fact they promote clarity. While users have not had issues with drug testing due to the trace amounts of THC present, they are similar to a poppy seed bagel in that there is a chance of a false positive on a drug test happening so one must use it with their own discretion.

Vital Nutrients

Hemp and the cannabinoids found in it, such as CBD, have been part of millennia’s food supply as vital micronutrients. Humans consumed them from direct consumption and indirect, such as eating animals and their products (eggs, dairy) that were fed hemp as fodder. A dietary intake of hemp is necessary to have a healthy endocannabinoid system; the endocannabinoid system maintains balance and function for all the systems in the body.

Today it is possible to optimize the body using organic cannabis oil CBD rich using Ojai Energetics patented technology using an organic CBD tincture, a popular way to administer the vital nutrients directly under the tongue for fast absorption and results.


We help shape the industry in posting 3rd party batch tests for cannabinoids, terpenes, heavy metals, VOC’s, pesticides and herbicides per batch every time.



The human body naturally filters synthetics and synthetically modified compounds out of the body to keep them from entering the bloodstream. Other water-soluble CBD tinctures or products on the market may be nano-sizing CBD isolate, which lacks the entourage effect and is likely made with harsh industrial solvents like hexane. They could also be using synthetically modified or completely synthetic petroleum derivatives. When they’re made nano-sized, they sneak past the filters in the body and not only get into the bloodstream but also the cells. When they pass your body’s natural filtration system like this, it can be potentially dangerous. They may get stuck in your cellular tissue and form air pockets. If those air pockets burst, they will release formaldehyde into your body. This nano-capsulation technology was developed for chemo in treatments only designed for use over several weeks. That is not ideal, as you will likely use CBD every day.

It’s important to consume only certified organic CBD to encapsulate, as the body would let them in, nano-size them in our gut, and then use them for cellular energy when they break down. This is never a concern with our full-spectrum hemp oil extract, as we only use organic ingredients. The process of creating organic CBD drops begins with the hemp flowers, which are grown on Colorado farms compliant with the farm bill and certified organic. Our certified organic extraction process uses CO2 and maintains the organic nature of our water-soluble CBD tincture.

At Ojai Energetics, we never use any synthetics or synthetically modified compounds in our CBD products like our full-spectrum hemp oil extract, because we not only love the earth but we love you, too!

Ojai Energetics

When looking for CBD, I think it’s safe to say we all want the quickest, most absorbable products available.

But while the market is brimming with companies promising high concentrations and lightning-fast effects, the reality is most products take a minimum of 30 minutes to kick in AND they only deliver 10% of the promised potency when they finally do.

That means if you consume 20mg of your average CBD, you’re really only getting 2mg of cannabidiol.

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That’s like gaining fitness for only five of the fifty minutes you spent at the gym. Or ordering a pizza and realizing they left out seven of the eight slices.

Ojai CBD Gets Where It Needs To Go In Just Seconds

When Ojai’s water soluble CBD oil enters your body, its immediate absorption technology bypasses the digestive process to safely and effectively carry it straight into your bloodstream.

Not only does this give you the biggest bang for your buck by not expelling 90% of the cannabinoids you paid for, but it also provides almost immediate effects unlike fat soluble CBD products.

Video: 3 Things I Love And 1 Thing I Hate About Ojai Energetics

Whether you’re interested in taking CBD for pain, anxiety, insomnia, or exercise performance and recovery, Ojai is gentle enough to be used daily while strong enough to maintain long-term balance.

Ojai Energetics products are hands down some of the quickest, most effective products on the market.

Not just that, but they happen to be giving away their most popular product for FREE to CannaInsider readers only – but more on that in a minute.

Ojai’s CBD Delivery Technology Makes It 20 Times More Absorbable

Before we get into the science, just let this sink in:

1 mg of Ojai CBD is more powerful than 20mg of the average competitor.

Pretty amazing, right? Maybe even a little too good to be true? Don’t worry – you’re right to be skeptical, but stay with me for just a second because it all comes down to one simple yet powerful difference: the delivery system.

Water Soluble vs Fat Soluble CBD

Long story short, most CBD oils are hard for the body to absorb because they’re fat soluble.

Why does this affect absorption? Because the oil is trying to deliver cannabinoids in a vehicle that can’t directly enter your bloodstream.

Instead, the water layer in your mucous membrane filters out the fat soluble compounds (and anything else unrecognizable) and sends them along to be tried and sentenced by the liver and stomach.

This doesn’t take quite as long as the U.S. judicial system, but it still takes a while.

And it doesn’t end there.

Once the fat soluble oil finally makes it through the filtration and digestive systems, the body then has to nano-encapsulate the oil into little bubbles of water so that the mucous membrane will allow it into the bloodstream.

Not only is this process lengthy, but the body is so inefficient at it that by the time the oil actually enters the bloodstream, 90% of the cannabinoids have been destroyed by stomach and liver enzymes.

Ojai’s Water Soluble Technology Changes Everything

Let’s say you’re taking a trip and have two travel options:

1.) A Greyhound bus that stops a hundred times and somehow ends up losing all your luggage.

2.) A sleek and speedy bullet train that gets you where you want to go in seconds flat.

Oh yeah, and they’re the same price.

If you chose the train (and I hope you did), you need to try Ojai CBD.

Unlike most CBD oils that are made using a liposomal or fat soluble method, Ojai’s oil undergoes a revolutionary colloidal method where water wraps around cannabinoid-rich hemp oil so that it can pass directly through the mucous membrane.

As a result, most users feel the benefits of Ojai’s CBD oil in under 30 seconds .

Yeah. It’s that good.

And it’s not only faster, but Ojai’s water soluble oil also makes the cannabinoids within twenty times more absorbable so you’re getting all the health benefits you paid for – not just 10% of them.

No More Guesswork With Ojai’s Bitter-To-Sweet Dosing

Ojai has cracked the code in more ways than one!

Thanks to the company’s immediate aborption technology, Ojai’s oil is not only the quickest, most effective CBD on the market, but it’s also the easiest to tailor to your individual needs with its bitter-to-sweet dosing.

But how does this work?

When we take Ojai’s hemp elixir, its immediate absorption technology causes our tongue’s cannabinoid receptors to modulate, and this makes the elixir change flavor from bitter to sweet when the correct ratio of cannabinoids enters the blood.

This is because there are multiple bell curves of efficacy when using a full spectrum CBD oil, and optimal dosage actually changes daily based on your oxidative stress.

This means whenever you use a fat-based CBD, you’re shooting in the dark to find the ideal dosage. That’s why so many people find regular CBD oils stop working after a while – because they might actually need less, not more, for proper dosage.

So what does this bitter-to-sweet dosing look like? Let’s break it down.

Here’s how you would use Ojai’s full spectrum elixir every day:

Step 1: Put and hold one 1/4 dropper under your tongue and notice how it tastes. Continue putting 1/4 droppers in until the bitter taste becomes almost 100% sweet like honey.

Step 2: Next, drop one drop at a time until it tastes 100% sweet like honey and then stop. (If everywhere except the back sides of the tongue is sweet, stop).

Step 3: You have now taken the perfect dosage for your body for that day. If after five minutes you still desire additional effects, then repeat steps 1-3.

And that’s it! When you reach 100% sweetness, you know you’ve taken the perfect dosage for that day. No more guesswork or wasted CBD oil. Just the perfect dose for your body every single day.

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Which Ojai Products Are Right For You?

Thanks to Ojai’s incredible speed and bioavailability, their products are extremely versatile and easy to dose no matter which you choose. But which one is best for your needs? Let’s find out.

Warning : this calculator is for informational purposes only. Talk with your Doctor before taking CBD. Individual results vary, and in fact it is already known that individuals have wildly different results with CBD.

Full Spectrum Sports Gel Is The Best Topical Around

One of Ojai’s most popular products is their full spectrum sports gel – and for good reason.

This fast-acting lotion combines Ojai’s water-encapsulated hemp extract with some of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories, including wild cherry, ginger, and eucalyptus.

The result? A lotion that not only provides deep, long-lasting relief but also smells amazing. Simply massage a little gel where needed and enjoy relief within seconds.

And guess what! Ojai is generously offering all CannaInsider readers a FREE Tube of CBD Sports Gel (usually $46.95).

This stuff is the best CBD topical you’ll ever try, so be sure to take advantage of the offer through the link below.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Takes Effect In Under 30 Seconds

Meet the only full spectrum hemp oil that’s water soluble and made without synthetics or synthetically modified compounds.

Thanks to Ojai’s patented immediate absorption technology, this oil takes effect in 30 seconds or less – a rate unparalleled by other tinctures.

And because it’s water soluble, Ojai’s full spectrum oil passes directly into your bloodstream upon consumption, bypassing the filtration and digestive systems where so much potency is stripped from other CBD oils.

Just to break it down, this means you would have to take 5000mg of a regular CBD-rich hemp oil to achieve the same effects as Ojai’s 250mg dose. Talk about a clear choice!

And as if that weren’t enough, Ojai’s oil comes loaded with some of nature’s most powerful superfoods like moringa and acerola cherry, giving it a slew of incredible benefits along with an amazingly sweet and subtle taste.

CBD Coconut Oil Makes Taking CBD A Treat, Not A Chore

Ojai has taken two of the world’s most powerful superfoods and combined them: hemp seed oil and coconut oil.

Bio-dynamically-grown, raw, virgin, and cold expeller-pressed, this creamy taste of the tropics is alive with enzymes and all the healthy fats that synergize perfectly with CBD made from certified organic hemp flowers.

You can add Ojai’s CBD coconut oil to your coffee, smoothies, baked goods – you name it! You can even apply it directly to your skin and hair to lock in moisture and facilitate overall wellness. However you choose to use it, your body will thank you.

Click On The Link And Learn Which Ojai Product Is Right For You

The Ojai Difference

When Ojai founder Will Kleidon began using CBD in 2014, he couldn’t believe not only how weak most products were but also how many CBD companies used synthetic ingredients and unsustainable farming practices.

Kleidon decided it was time for a change, and thus Ojai was born.

In addition to being the quickest, most highly absorbable CBD on the market, Ojai takes the cake on more fronts than one. See how it stacks up against other brands:

Ojai Energetics CBD

  • Hemp is grown with stringent organic practices in mind
  • All CBD tinctures are batch-tested by a third-party vendor for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, microbes, terpenes & cannabinoids
  • All products are made with clean, holistic ingredients that you can feel good about
  • Hemp Elixir is the only water soluble full spectrum CBD made without synthetically-modified ingredients
  • Fastest-acting and most bioavailable
  • Dedicated to putting people and the planet before profit
  • No third-party batch testing, leading to poor quality & safety
  • High levels of heavy metals & inconsistent levels of cbd.
  • Often manufactured in non GMP compliant and non FDA inspected facilities
  • Often includes synthetic ingredients or synthetically-modified ingredients derived from petroleum
  • Takes up to 30 minutes to take effect

Lab Test Results Look Great

Bottom Line:

Ojai’s products are made of only the highest-quality, organic hemp and formulated to provide you the quickest, most effective relief possible.

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, look no further than Ojai.


  • CBD Sports Gel – $46.95 —>Get a FREE bottle here
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir – $74.95
  • CBD Coconut Oil – $54.95
  • CBD Trial Pack – $119
  • Full-spectrum
  • CO2 Extraction
  • All products contain
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado
  • All Natural
  • Third party lab-tested for purity and potency
  • 100% money back guarantee anytime

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