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og in las vegas

Og in las vegas
Reservations for Olympic Garden Strip Club Las Vegas:
The OG offers VIP packages that can be reserved at their website or by calling 702-386-9200
Right on the Las Vegas Strip Olympic Gardens Still Does It Right
The Olympic Gardens is the only quality strip club right on the Las Vegas strip. It is really the club that set the trend toward fancy, clean and decent adult entertainment in Las Vegas. It can still compete but expect smaller stages and a smaller dose of the VIP style. The rest is still high quality but the skyboxes and large areas for bottle service do not exist at the Olympic Garden. The prices are a little better than the big clubs but you will still pay a high price for a cocktail. Cover charge is free if you come in with their transportation.
Cover Charge at Olympic Garden Strip Club Strip Club Las Vegas:
$30 for both males and females
Suggestions for Olympic Garden Strip Club Las Vegas:
Call them and reserve transportation for $40 per person and you get a table, no line, and 2 drinks. If you are already going you might as well pay up front.
While some of the bigger, fancy strip clubs in town will offer you transportation and endless amounts of fun, realize that the basic premise is the same at each of these clubs, expensive drinks and good looking young ladies walking around the floor trying to separate you from your money. Once you understand that, you’ll have a great time.
If you get a group of guys together for a trip to Las Vegas there is very little chance that the idea of a strip club will not be brought up. It’s in the DNA of every guy who has ever had a guy’s getaway to Las Vegas so embrace the idea. If it must be done, well then. The Olympic Gardens have to be considered simply because it is one of the original strip clubs and the only one on the Las Vegas strip. There are bigger and better clubs in Las Vegas but OG is still an icon that must be visited.
Dress Code at Olympic Garden Strip Club Las Vegas:
Look presentable and they’ll let you in, you might want to leave the flip-flops in the hotel as your toes might get stepped on.
The Men of OG perform 5 nights a week Friday & Saturday 8 pm to 4 am and Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday, 9 pm to 1 am. It’s not full nude so you get some choreographed routines performed by some guys who obviously have a gym membership and use it.
The Olympic Gardens strip club is the only quality strip club right on the Las Vegas strip and it is among the most established.
Og in las vegas
The NFL union alert did not stop Goldson from associating with Tall.
The old Las Vegas Boulevard strip club may have closed, but the lawsuits and legal action have piled up.
Jorcin and Jauregui offered the NFL safety a 40 percent share in the business in exchange for Goldson giving $2.5 million toward the $12.5 million needed to buy the strip club and land. This was only two years after Goldson had signed a lucrative contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In March 2013, Goldson signed a five-year, $41.25 million deal with the Bucs, with $22 million guaranteed.
The OG was shuttered in fall 2016 and has remained lifeless since. Since then, it has twice filed for bankruptcy. It first filed a Chapter 11 petition in July 2017, which was dismissed in February 2018. Then on March 20 just last week, it refiled for bankruptcy on the eve of a foreclosure sale to auction the strip club and the property it sits on.
A postal carrier drives through the OG site recently. Photo credit: Daniel Clark/
Goldson is still involved in real estate, but this case is innocuous in California. The NFL player has put his 10,656-square-foot house built 20 years ago in Encino, California on the market for $6.995 million in the San Fernando Valley after buying the property for $4.4 million, according to the Los Angeles Times. He also had reportedly purchased four condo properties in Marina del Rey, California about five years ago.
Dashon Goldson is a 33-year-old former NFL All-Pro player with a reputation as a hard-hitting safety on the football field. The two-time Pro Bowler’s resume includes an All-Pro season with the San Francisco 49ers, with stops at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins and Atlanta Falcons, his most recent team in 2016.
Birch was as forward as he could be in his letter to Nelson when he stated, “This letter confirms that Mr. Goldson would be in violation of League Policy if his group purchases the property and fails to remove the slot machines from the property. League Policy prohibits players from owning and/or operating any gambling-related enterprise — even when such ownership and/or operation is partial, indirect and/or through a business organization. Accordingly, should Mr. Goldson complete the purchase transaction, he should, at minimum, take immediate steps to terminate the establishment’s Space Lease Agreement in order to comply with League Policy.”
In July 2015, OG’s then-owner Peter Eliades accepted a term offer of $4 million for the strip club, $8.5 million for the land and $2 million for Eliades to serve as a club consultant. The Las Vegas law firm of Bailey Kennedy is representing Eliades.
Deal Gone Bad To Buy OG Strip Club In LV Results In Default Judgment Against Ex-NFL All-Pro Player By ALAN SNEL Copyright Dashon Goldson is a 33-year-old former NFL