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og double og triple og

Damon : [flashes to dream; Damon walks into Craig and Day-Day’s prison cell] Day-Day. Craig. Which one of you bitches is gonna wash my drawers tonight?

Craig Jones : That’s, uh. that’s Donna.
Money Mike : Shut up! The hell you talkin bout! I am a boy! You are not in prison anymore Damon! Thats not how we do it!

Damon : [while Money Mike has plyers on his testicles] ya know maybe we can get to know each other
Craig Jones : Oh, that’s just Money Mike, little Lucky Charms, micro-mini pimp.
Day-Day : I know, I was little.
Craig Jones , Day-Day : [pointing to each other] That would be him.
Craig Jones : Yo, yo. what’s up O.G. Triple O.G. O.G. triple. triple O.G.?

Damon : Oh, you’re dreaming. This is a wet dream.

Еще одна пятница (2002) Terry Crews as Damon