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og cheese pot farm

Unlike QUESTS, these aren’t rewards for doing things. You’re actually trading the requirements for the rewards. It’s similar to selling things from the job board, the requirements aren’t always buds.

The bus stop unlocks at level 11 to allow you to fill some of those opening (in the mill, dairy, etc).
STORAGE : (Updated 3/16/17)

Help from your friends : Click a growing plant to get the option to request help from your friends. It shows an exclamation on your pot is when you’ve asked a friend for help.
This fan site is a guide to the Android game, Bud Farm GRASS ROOTS.
The pasture is built on the right of your property just to the right and slightly up from your grow building. Once you build it, you’ll need a worker (cow). Find cows above the pasture. (I’ve also seen cows show up at the bus stop across the street from your dispensary.)
LEVEL 5 BAKERY: At level 42, you can upgrade your bakery to make BROWNIES. Upgrade takes 20 each scales, baggies and fuses, 150,000 coins, and takes 16 hours. You then need to add another worker. To make Brownies in the level 5 bakery, ingredients are 16 choco chunk (from Mystery Seeds), 10 weed butter (from Dairy), and 12 pot flour (from Mill) and takes 30 minutes. Base sale price for Brownies is 420 coins each.
When you complete all of the tasks for a worker, they are automatically added to your population. This increases the small green Slacker meter that represents how packed your town is! (Click on your population sign to see how many more are needed to open up another slacker spot.)

  • Level 2
  • Unlock level: 3
  • Items required: 3 hoses
  • Cost: 500 coins
  • Time required: 4 minutes 20 seconds
  • Level 3
  • Unlock level: 8
  • Items required: 6 hoses, 6 gears
  • Cost: 1500 coins
  • Time required: 1 hour
  • Level 4
  • Unlock level: 17
  • Items required: 8 hoses, 8 gears, 8 filters
  • Cost: 4500 coins
  • Time required: 4 hours 20 minutes
  • Level 5
  • Unlock level: 29
  • Items required: 10 hoses, 10 gears, 10 filters
  • Cost: 8000 coins
  • Time required: 8 hours
  • Level 6
  • Unlock level: 42
  • Items required: 12 hoses, 12 gears, 12 filters
  • Cost: 11,000 coins
  • Time required: 9 hours
  • Level 7
  • Unlock level: 53
  • Items required: ? hoses, ? gears, ? filters
  • Cost: ? coins
  • Time required: .

Guru Steve brings you a guide to BUD FARM GRASS ROOTS, the Pot Farm Game for Android.