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nyc diesel flowering time

Nyc diesel flowering time

Outdoors and in a warm climate, NYC Diesel can reach more than 3 meters tall. The flowering time often occurs on the first few days of November with each plant producing up to 350 grams of buds.

While Afghani Indica is best known for sedating properties, and deep relaxation, NYC Diesel inherited more of the Sativa traits of the pure Mexican breed. As a result, much of its effects are mental. In fact, it is one of the best hybrids to use in a social gathering.
As mentioned earlier, one of its parents is an Afghani Indica. These are very potent strains found in the Hindu Kush region and are known for deep relaxation. NYC Diesel also took the same traits can quickly put people at ease. However, it does not seem to cause the same heavy sedation as its predecessor. Use a little bit more than necessary, though, then it may lead to laziness.

by Bonza · Published December 24, 2017 · Updated January 29, 2020
In some ways, one can say that Sour Diesel has a generally pleasing smell, but not everyone will appreciate. For some, the pungent odor of diesel and earth may take a bit of time getting used to. NYC Diesel, on the other hand, is an enormous improvement over its predecessor. It comes with a distinct note of red grapefruit, not only in its aroma but also in how it tastes. As a result, most people have the urge to take one more toke, again and again.
The effects induced by NYC Diesel leans more towards its Sativa side. At its onset, the energizing buzz it delivers not only uplifts the spirit but also causes a euphoric cerebral buzz. Besides feeling their head clearing, most users also tend to have amplified senses. For the creatives, there is a never-ending inspiration as ideas form one after the other.
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Psychologically, users already feeling elated can find comfort from physical discomforts. But more than the mental high, it is the potent Indica properties that help soothe tired and aching muscles that also plays a role in pain relief.

Loved by creative individuals for its exotic smell, taste, and effects, NYC Diesel is one of the most popular hybrids in the world. As prominent as it is, there is still a vague understanding of its origin.

NYC Diesel (also called Soma Sour Diesel) bred by Soma Sacred Seeds has won the Cannabis Cup FIVE times and is known as an exceptional party strain.