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northern soul strain

Northern soul strain

This is a classic combination of two favourite strains Northern Lights and Skunk #1. This offspring shows all of the benefits of its parents. It grows showing its indica characteristics with large dark green leaves. It produces some good yields and it has a very good resistance to mould despite producing lovely solid crystal covered buds. This strain like its parents has a strong indica effect.

Test Planning
So much for the presentation of the test …

The updates will be weekly post :
Breeder: Seedsman
Genetics: Skunk #1 x Northern Lights
Variety: Indica / Sativa
Sex: Feminised
Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
Harvest Month: Mid-October
The test is to be performed with basic equipment:
The next test will consist of :

  • Germination test – > 10 seeds
  • Growth , in 1 Liter Pots firdt stage , until transplant -> 5 seeds
  • Bloom , in 7/11 Liter Pots , to harvest – > only 3 choosed seeds
  • Harvest , drying / curing and tasting notes
  • Finish with the analysis of THC and CBD of samples obtained ..
  • 400w HPS
  • Extractor / Intractor 150
  • 1 FAN “3 speed”
  • 1 Humidifier for 1st stage
  • Substrate PEAT MOSS from Turbas y Coco Mar Menor and specific fertilizers for cannabis

Northern Soul Strain Review Northern Soul Details This is a classic combination of two favourite strains Northern Lights and Skunk #1. This offspring shows all of the benefits

Northern soul strain

Her smell and High is amazing. You can smell the white widow on the plant really easily, but if you get in really close and take a whiff, or just flat out rub the bud a little bit, out bursts this SOUR, fruity blueberry scent. Once its released, the smell just takes over your entire growroom. Its freakin beautiful.

Once flowering she was a little slow going though. It took her a week longer to show pistils than all the other plants did i believe, but once she did, she took off. Had trichomes sparkling all over her buds by week 4 of flower, and by week 8, she was ready to come down. Not really any burn to speak of, not particularly sensitive to over nuting, but does respond well to purple maxx and gravity.

Whiteberry. She was an absolute pleasure to grow. After the initial troubles i had with my grow (Hydrohut malfunction. The cover had a toxic spray on the vinyl that offgassed onto the plants when heated by the light, causing the plants to yellow, stop growing, and die. I managed to save 60% of my grow by taking the cover of my tent off and replacing it with a homemade one), the Whiteberry was the First to recover from everything, and take off growing again. Once put back into ideal conditions, she sprang back to life, and really needed absolutely no special tending to, other than the usual love i give all my girls, lol.

As far as the high goes, its some one hit wonder for sure. I smoked a bowl of this shit about 4 days before harvest to test her out. I let her dry properly (testing out my new bud dryer), and i sparked her up in my bubbler. By the time i exhaled my first hit i already felt lightheaded. I took one more hit, and set the pipe down, just to see what kind of potency i was really dealing with. I forgot to pick the pipe back up man. Shes a fuckin knock out, kick you in the ass n laugh at you, stoney couchlock high. N whats surprising is, the trichomes werent even close to half amber. It was probably more like 25-30% amber i think, and if ida let her go any longer, it would have turned into just some straight up medicine for insomnia, because it would have put me instantly to sleep. Instead, i just ended up getting SERIOUSLY interested in some Survivorman, shortly followed by some Pizza rolls. All in all im gonna have to give this strain a 9 out of 10, IMHO. I love this bud, and i love knock out stoney highs.
Ok, so i know ive posted my pics in my other threads, but im seriously hype as hell that i got through my grow, and i actually did it right, lol. So now ill give you a quick rundown of both of these strains, both of which ive harvested over the last 4 days.

Next, a brief review of Seedsman’s NORTHERN SOUL. Shes a cross between Northern Lights, and SKunk #1. Basically the same story as Whitberry more or less. Stunted early in growth, but then took off with no problem. She was actually sort of a sleeper – she really didnt stand out at all during the early stages of growth, or even early stages of flower either for that matter. It wasnt until the last 3 weeks that she really (and literally) started to shine. Out of nowhere she was coated from top to bottom in trichomes, and she just looked greasy and amazing looking. In a word, DANK. She put off that unmistakeable Skunky smell that you just wanna keep in your nose n walk around all day with, lol.
I also only harvested half of this plant aswell, and i ended up with 174g. I just chopped her down today, so i wont know what i can expect from her dry until the day after tomorrow, but man, shes stinkin out the room shes drying in, ill say that much for her. Shes the star so far man.
If your just smoking a bowl, she has a nice uplifting, energetic high to her. A very social smoke for sure, and i would recommend it to anyone for a good “get shit done” smoke. If your smoking a blunt on the other hand, then a heavy, narcotic stone onsets, and your stuck to whatever the hell your ass is planted to at the time. Great for a night time smoke, if you dont mind smokin a nice fat blunt before bed. I personally prefer a bubbler, and use a different strain for bedtime. I give her a 7 out of 10 for sure. A solid showing from Paradise seeds, and if i were a more experienced grower, she probably would have been a 9.

Plants: – Paradise Whiteberry, and Seedsman Northern Soul (for this review)
Lighting: – Started with 600w MH/HPS setup, switched to 1000w in the last 3 weeks
Nutrients: – FF trio, BMO Super Plant Tonic, Molasses, Gravity, Purple Maxx, Roots HP Bat Guano, Cal/Mag
Soil: – FF Ocean forest, Perlite, Dolemite Lime, Cottonseed Meal

Ok, so i know ive posted my pics in my other threads, but im seriously hype as hell that i got through my grow, and i actually did it right, lol. So now ill…