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northern lights 5 seeds

Northern lights 5 seeds

Indoor flowering time is usually as short as 6 to 7 weeks, with each square meter yielding an average of 400 to 500 grams. In addition, it flourishes in either a hydroponic or soil-based medium using a Sea of Green (SOG) method which encourages bud growth as well as hasten its growing time.

The resulting offspring is one that takes brings the bright, dancing lights of the aurora into the living room after just a single bowl. Its pronounced cerebral high seemingly reminds users of the effects of Thai Sativa. Meanwhile, its Indica-centric buzz travels all over in magnetic waves, numbing the body with delights which suggests the presence of Aghani in its genes.
This strain, having won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1989, will, without a doubt, take one out on midnight for a light show of the millennium.

The need to travel to Iceland dissipates as this strain makes witnessing the dazzling spectacle of Northern Lights at the comforts of one’s home possible. Upon drawing in its smoke, a subtle euphoria enters the head in a colorful stream, allowing the mood to float in positive vibrations.
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Northern Lights #5 perfectly captures the aroma of the great outdoors. Damp soil makes up the bed of the palate, while hints of fallen pinecones as well as wild flowers add a subtle sweetness to its profile. The flavors are just as grounding, only this time it has a citrus twist that leaves a tinge of sourness in its aftertaste after exhaling.
It slows down any racy, anxious-ridden thoughts in the mind as it envelops it in a dreamy haze. While most enjoy the dopey contentment binging on Netflix, others may also bask in its otherworldly high by gazing under the stars – literally and cerebrally.
Northern Lights #5 acts as the bridge to the vibrant path of nirvana, where patients temporarily escape pain trailing after certain ailments. Its blissful river of euphoria washes away any stress and, instead, replaces it with happiness thus allowing the mind take a break.

Most likely, users will only experience a cottonmouth and dry eyes with Northern Lights #5. Preparing refreshments beforehand can help ease the ache and keep one hydrated, although one should note that alcohol should absolutely be avoided as it only exacerbates the dry spell.

Aptly named after the naturally occurring lights of Iceland, Northern Lights #5 has a high that travels all over the body in magnetic waves, numbing it with delight.