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nice guy strain

Nice guy strain

Founded in 1985, Sensi Seeds is the oldest seed bank in Amsterdam. They’ve been collecting and breeding strains from every corner of the world for over 25 years. As a result, they have won more …

I came across this batch of the Mr. Nice strain on my first trip to Forever 710 in Van Nuys, CA. I was drawn-in by their impressive selection of concentrates (we came away with some great shatter from HGH Extractions), but their flower was just as quality.
The origins of the Mr. Nice strain begin with the legendary G-13 strain.

One of the G-13 clones made its way into the hands of Sensi Seeds, and they integrated it to their Hash Plant breeding project. The resulting hybrid is what we today call the Mr. Nice strain (aka Mr. Nice Guy).

“The Mr. Nice strain proved to be incredibly useful when attempting to ward off insomnia.”

As the story goes, the original clone that is said to have been liberated from the Federal government’s cultivation facilities was eventually circulated throughout the underground cannabis community through subsequent clones.
The Indica-dominant genetics were clearly evident by the powerful body melt that I experienced each time that I medicated with the Mr. Nice strain. It also seemed to put my mind at ease within moments. For this reason, I found it to be perfect when in need of some serious stress relief.
This batch of the Mr. Nice strain no slouch in terms of potency. The effects started as mild and soothing, but I found myself falling asleep before long.

Bred by Sensi Seeds, the Mr. Nice strain is an Indica-dominant strain that was named in honor of Howard Marks. It is often applauded for it’s ability to deliver an intense body melt coupled with an aroma that with remind you of the finest Afghani landrace strains.

Mr. Nice Strain: G-13 X Sensi Seeds Hash Plant

This strain can grow up 78 inches tall. It can provide 3 to 6 ounces per square foot yield. The flowering time is as short as 7 to 9 weeks.

Because of Mark’s contribution and reputation in the world of cannabis, the Sensi Seed Bank dedicated this strain in his name.
Myrcene is one of the common terpenes found in cannabis that provides its earthy scent and taste. Caryophyllene provides its spicy and anti-inflammatory characteristics, and limonene is the one responsible for the cannabis’s citrusy scent and flavor that helps in alleviating stress and anxiety.

This strain is 80 percent Indica-dominant.
The Mr. Nice Guy’s children are the Sexxpot and Cluster Funk.
Aside from these side effects, novice users can count couchlock and laziness as its downsides if they are unaware of this strain.
The first release of this strain was a limited edition. It was not in the market since the 1980s. It was 1999 when the Sensi Seed Bank brought it back in the market.
The reason for the name is due to a man named Howard Marks. Mr. Marks is an Oxford graduate, one of the most prestigious schools around the world. Despite his education, his path leads him to another direction until he became one of the high-profile drug smugglers. Mr. Nice is one of the aliases he used on his drug smuggling business.

When he got out of prison, Marks spent the remaining years of his life making people laugh in his comedy show, writing for a magazine, and speaking in public about his life.

The has a captivating and intriguing story to tell Mr. Nice Guy strain. Learn what makes this strain exciting and what it can do to your body.