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nh medical marijuana

Below are just some of the cannabinoids that have been identified and the potential benefits that have been associated with them:

Many patients ask, “Will this make me feel high or not in control?” Providers at the dispensaries will help you to find a good comfort level. Marijuana available for medical use also is available in a wide variety of strains, some of which are “bred” to have lower concentrations of THC (the chemical that causes the psychoactive affect) and higher concentrations of other chemicals which are reported to help in certain conditions, such as: CBD which helps with muscle spasms and Alzheimer’s disease, CBC which helps relieve pain, and reduce inflammation, THCV which helps with seizures.
After certification and approval, patients will choose one of the four dispensaries in the state, with locations in Dover, Merrimack, Plymouth and Lebanon. The dispensaries are staffed by medical professionals who will consult with patients and prescribe the medications based on medical condition.

If you are a new patient, please call our New Patient Team at 603-841-2307.
After that time, if the patient has a “Qualifying Medical Condition”, the provider may complete the ‘Written Certification for the Therapeutic Use of Cannabis’. This certification form is then sent by the patient along with their application to the State of New Hampshire. The state will then review the application and certification and will notify the patient of approval or denial within 20 days of receiving the application. It may take longer to receive the Registry Identification Card, however.
How do I get a prescription for Medical Marijuana?
Granite State Pain Associates Forms:
As research progresses, and therapeutic use of cannabis promotes more opportunity for study, we will continue to learn more and more about this fascinating plant.

Existing Patients: Please call our Clinical Coordinator, Pam at 603.692.3166 Ext. 139

This page provides information about qualifying criteria for Medical Marijuana / Therapeutic Cannabis and the certification process.