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To request a state criminal history records check:

No Photograph Needed . Starting on November 18, 2019, a photograph is not required to be submitted with an application to the Therapeutic Cannabis Program. Also, all Registry ID Cards printed on or after that date will not contain a photo of the patient or caregiver’s face. Patients and caregivers will still be required to show other photo identification at the Alternative Treatment Centers in order to purchase cannabis. The Patient Application and the Caregiver Application have been updated to reflect this change. Other changes have been made to these application forms as well.
TCP will notify you after the State of Emergency has been lifted that the requirement for fingerprinting has been reinstated.

Telehealth . The Governor’s executive order permits telehealth for health care service delivery. The requirement for an “in-person” examination for the purposes of certification and recertification for the therapeutic use of cannabis has been suspended. The required assessment may be conducted via telehealth.
Medical Providers Can Certify Their Patients Sooner . Starting on November 18, 2019, a 3-month provider-patient relationship is no longer required. On that date, the NH Therapeutic Cannabis Program will begin accepting Written Certifications that have been signed by certifying medical providers who do not have a 3-month provider-patient relationship with their patients. The Written Certification for the Therapeutic Use of Cannabis has been updated to reflect this change.
Over the next few months, all of the applications, forms, and information sheets will be updated with the new mailing address:
As of October 1, 2019, the program is being used by 8,566 qualifying patients, 448 designated caregivers, and 1,101 certifying providers.
29 Hazen Drive Closed to the Public. Starting Tuesday, April 7, the building at 29 Hazen Drive is closed to the public. TCP encourages applicants to send their applications through the regular mail. If you choose to hand-deliver your application, there is a locked drop-box available outside the front of 29 Hazen Drive where you can securely leave your application materials.

The following medical condition is under consideration as a qualifying medical condition for the therapeutic use of cannabis:

New hampshire medical cannabis In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Therapeutic Cannabis Program (TCP) is making the following temporary changes to the program. TCP Extends Registry ID

Who is a Certifying Provider?

New Patients: Please call our New Patient Referral team at 603.841.2307
Will I become dependent on Medical Cannabis?

What are cannabinoids, and what can they do for me?
There is a $50.00 application fee which is sent by the patient to the State of New Hampshire. This can be a personal check.
This page provides information about qualifying criteria for Medical Marijuana / Therapeutic Cannabis and the certification process.
The medications come in several formulations including: Capsules, tinctures, topical lotions and balms, lozenges, chewable, sub-lingual tablets, trans-dermal patches, edible baked goods and infused beverages as well as vapor pens. Smoking the medication is never advised.
Many patients ask, “Will this make me feel high or not in control?” Providers at the dispensaries will help you to find a good comfort level. Marijuana available for medical use also is available in a wide variety of strains, some of which are “bred” to have lower concentrations of THC (the chemical that causes the psychoactive affect) and higher concentrations of other chemicals which are reported to help in certain conditions, such as: CBD which helps with muscle spasms and Alzheimer’s disease, CBC which helps relieve pain, and reduce inflammation, THCV which helps with seizures.

The patient must have an established patient/provider relationship for medical care of at least three months. During this time, various therapies may be trialed and opiates reduced or eliminated when indicated.

This page provides information about qualifying criteria for Medical Marijuana / Therapeutic Cannabis and the certification process.