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nectar collector dab rig

Nectar collector dab rig

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Benefits and features of various nectar collector dab straw options In this episode of MyxedUpTV Rachael at Myxed Up Aurora gives us the rundown on all of the most popular dab straw glass pipes that we have available in a. Read more →
Height: 11″ Base Diameter: 2.0″ Weight: 82 Grams

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The Honey Tip Nectar Collector Style Dab Rig Kit is designed for oils and concentrates, this simple water pipe features the innovative nectar collector design.

Nectar collector dab rig

So a nectar collector set makes the most logical choice for you to dab without a dab rig and still got the best flavor.

The mouthpiece looks a straight tube with a flared top. Some brands even come up with the idea of redesigning the mouthpiece and turn it into a connection piece which you can connect it to your bong or dab rig! Super dope design indeed.
For silicone nectar collectors the mouthpiece isn’t a necessity, silicone nectar collectors are always designed to be more compact and easy to travel with so an extended mouthpiece won’t do them any good.

Comparing to your everyday dab rigs, which you have to pair it with a quartz banger or titanium dab nail, nectar collectors are relatively more straightforward to use, most of the time cheaper than a set of dab rig.
The Price – nectar collectors are, most of the time, a lot cheap comparing to a set of dab rig and quartz banger. The 10mm mini nectar collector set listed on only costs $14.99, and the silicone nectar collector costs only $13.99, so they are easily affordable and can get you through the door if you are interested in dabbing as a new dabber.
A Mouthpiece Tube. Most of the dab straws need to extend their length for use, you don’t want to get too close to the red-hot quartz/titanium tip and you want to add some more length for the vapor to chill a bit more for a smoother rip, so a removable mouthpiece is always the standard accessory.
The body also acts as a handle for you to hold when you dab, it’ll have some raised clear marbles on the side so you can have a firmer grip and also pretty to look at.
Maximum Portability and Convenience – Dab rigs, to be honest, are a pain in the ass to travel with, the sheer size of the dab rigs means they can’t be packed into your small suitcase or backpack, and they are very fragile since the shape of them won’t even out the stress that is being put on them. Not to mention the weight will surely give you a hard time if you’re traveling on foot.

Remember, a red-hot quartz/titanium tip can be very dangerous so don’t skip the most important part: Using the clips.

Nectar collectors, honey straws or dab sticks are becoming more and more of a fashionable choice for consuming dabs and provides maximum portability and convenience. Here's on Puffing Bird, we have a wide range of nectar collector kits for sale along with accessories. Free Shipping For All Orders!