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nanners late in flower

When you get male flowers early in bloom, they have enough time to mature, open, and cause problems. Thats the ones you want to pluck off the male parts. or eliminate it from the garden

She’ll Be Alright
yeah just cut them off man

I had a grape krush hybrid start putting out nanners around 70 days in. None of them ever opened. I let her go probably a few weeks too long and i’m thinking this is what did it:).
FF you need to take care.Smoking hemies can make you sterile. I have the facilities to correctly dispose your problem.Please let me know if I can assist in anyway. lol
Yeah, nanners so close to harvest proly wont even get mature enough to open and spread pollen.
Thanks for the help all
how many bananers
5-10 or more

They’re randomly dotted around the main cola on the Cherry. I think I left her in a few days too long. she was probably ready around 9 weeks but I let her go because the trichs weren’t at least all cloudy (anything less is just too light for me). and then the nanners appeared. Will post photos tomorrow when I chop her down. she’s in 48 hours darkness atm.

I've got nanners on my Cherry Assassin – day 67 – i.e. very late flower/flush… I okay to just cut them off at harvest? Do they mean anything to the…