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mustard kit

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AgraStrip ® LFDs represent a fast and simple qualitative strip test method in which specific antibodies labeled with colloidal gold are used for visual color development at a test and control zone.
Both AgraQuant ® Mustard test kits are sandwich ELISAs in a ready-to-use format to reduce handling errors and come with a set of 5 standards, extraction solution /capsules, an antibody coated plate, a wash buffer, a conjugate, a substrate and a stop solution.

Yellow, brown and black mustard are also frequently used as an ingredient in many food preparations. For mustard allergic people, these hidden allergens in food are a critical problem, as many mustard proteins are heat stable, making them resistant to different production processes.
Globally, mustard is not considered one of the most important causes of food allergy. But in regions where a lot of mustard is produced and consumed (i.e. France) the prevalence of mustard allergies is relatively high. The only treatment for such an allergy is a strict and lifelong avoidance of mustard.
The AgraQuant ® Mustard test kit is an accurate and reliable enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in a quantitative format. Results are measured with a specific ELISA reader, such as the StatFax ® or the BioTek ® reader.
The test kit comes complete with strips, antibody coated incubation vials, extraction tubes, an extraction buffer, surface swabs and additional accessories.
In order to protect consumers from the potentially fatal consequences of mustard consumption, allergen labeling is required by law in many countries. Mustard is regulated by law in Europe (Regulation (EU) No 1169/201) and Canada among others.

The Romer Labs mustard test kit portfolio covers ELISAs and LFDs for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of mustard in environmental samples, rinse waters and finished food products.

Validated and easy-to-use ELISA and LFD test kits for the detection of mustard in environmental samples, rinse waters and finished food products.