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mr nice leafly

Mr nice leafly

R-Kiem decided to improve the structure and yield of this clone by crossing it with one of their best Afghani parents, brought from Afghanistan by a friend who was deployed there in 2004.

The taste of Harybo is unique. The amazing taste of Skittles, sweet and peachy, can be found in the majority of plants. The effect is extremely pleasant and relaxing, ideal to just smoke and enjoy the sensory experience, which combined with its spectacular taste is just jaw-dropping.
The aim to collect the best clones from both Europe and USA has made it possible to develop high quality genetics, being one of the first seed companies to be available in dispensaries across California and Colorado, with awesome strains like Harybo or Icer, an ideal variety for resin extractions which yields around 25%, as many Americans have seen.

Harybo plant grown outdoors
R-Kiem Seeds, breeding cannabis since 1998
Harybo is ideal for fresh frozen extractions, which keep its amazing organoleptic properties as intact as possible.
Properly cured Harybo buds
R-Kiem’s Harybo grown indoors

In this article we present you their latest strain, the amazing Harybo. It is a F1 cross between the Skittles clone and a very particular Afghani male, a 100% Indica plant that improves both the structure and yield of this renowned cut.

Alchimiaweb presents here the new cannabis strain developed by R-Kiem Seeds, Harybo, a spectacular Indica hybrid between Skittles and Afghani. Do not