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moxie marijuana

Moxie marijuana

Moxie provides the highest quality medical cannabis concentrates by developing their laboratory-grade three-step process. The first step involves plant preparation, where after harvest the cannabis flowers are cut from the root ball, stored in a vacuum-sealed bag, and placed in a deep freezer. Once the cannabis flowers are frozen, it is ready for processing. The second step sees the Moxie extraction team going through a light hydrocarbon process, which extracts the three major components of the marijuana plant – cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant lipids – into an oil that can be consumed orally, inhaled, or used as a topical. The third and final step is degasification, a process that removes the solvent from the cannabis oil. Applying a vacuum pump in a vacuum purge over, Moxie is able to make the boiling point of the cannabis oil and solvent to decrease. The remaining solvent is then boiled out by applying a gentle heat, a process that spans from two to three days, removing all the solvents and leaving only a clean and safe cannabis oil.

Moxie is the cannabis-derived medicine company that has been leading the marijuana industry since 2015. By intersecting the world of cutting-edge marijuana extraction technology with the medical cannabis community, Moxie is able to provide safe and high-quality oils for patients who prefer medicating in alternative forms of consumption aside from smoking. Galvanizing a family of passionate professionals dedicated to cultivation, extraction, and retail, Moxie Seeds and Extracts has come to mean science, safety, and health for cannabis patients and marijuana consumers.
By combining experience, facilities with cutting-edge technology, the utmost safety measures, and an incredibly detailed and innovative extraction process, Moxie is about to produce the award winning products they have become famous for making.

Today, Moxie works in close collaboration with the cannabis community. They have dedicated themselves to being a global citizen and representation for the marijuana industry by practicing all organic gardening on a larger, commercial scale, using green technology, buying strictly American-made products, always striving to reduce their water waste, and participating in community outreach.
Moxie dedicate themselves to providing alternative forms of medication to patients, while also helping the cultivation community with their genetically superior seeds. From their Live Resin concentrates to their Feminized Seeds, Moxie covers a wide range of strains including Alpine Cookies, Blue Coral, Goji Valley Kush, Lemon Goji OG, and Viper City, among many others.
Reliable. Natural. Quality.
With the creation of an executive extraction team that has more hours combined of extraction than any other group in medical cannabis, Moxie is able to follow strict guidelines that keep their products safe and reliable. Using natural cultivation, green technology, and water conserving methods, Moxie proudly can give to the cannabis community while setting a high standard for the rest of the marijuana industry.
Moxie approaches extraction with the utmost dedication and commitment to the patients in the medical cannabis community. Leading the marijuana industry with their cutting-edge and innovative technology, Moxie is successful in making the healthiest cannabis medicine in the market.

Moxie was founded in 2015 with the idea of providing the highest quality medicine to cannabis patients by using the most responsible cultivation and extraction techniques possible. After being immersed in the industry and seeing other marijuana brands standards, the founders of Moxie knew they could produce and provide higher quality medicinal cannabis concentrates by building state of the art facilities, using advanced, innovative technology, and adopting an ideology that places safety and quality first. They set about hiring chemists, engineers, and extremely experienced staff members who understood the science behind marijuana cultivation and cannabis extraction.

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