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moxie genetics

Moxie genetics

Alchimia presents Moxie Seeds’ Viper Haze, an Indica-Sativa hybrid that produces large yields of resin-coated, terpene-rich buds, giving off a fruity aroma dominated by lemon. A cross of Grape Kush x Super Lemon Haze, Viper Haze is a vigorously grow [. ]

Initially specialising in medical cannabis extractions, Moxie Seeds now offers varieties adapted to this use. Indeed, the genetics offered by this bank are highly productive, covered with resin and boasting high cannabinoid concentrations, allowing us to best enjoy their benefits by performing extractions with these high-yielding varieties.
Super Goji Haze by Moxie Seeds is a potent hybrid between Goji OG and the renowned Super Lemon Haze. Its intense and distinctive aroma is a true delight for lovers of fruity flavours, who can find it now in Alchimiaweb’s catalogue of regular cannabis [. ]

Alchimiaweb invites you to discover the one and only Snake Venom, a cannabis strain developed by Moxie Seeds by crossing the famous Gorilla Glue and Viper City. Now available in Alchimiaweb’s catalogue of feminised seeds. This hybrid between Viper C [. ]
Moxie Seeds invites you to delve into their catalogue of cannabis genetics to discover Lemon O.G, now available in our online feminised seed store at Alchimiaweb. Lemon O.G is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is easy to grow and displays vigorous grow [. ]
Alchimiaweb invites you to discover Viper Cookies, a mostly Indica feminised strain with amazing flavour. Developed by Moxie Seeds, it’s a hybrid between Moxie’s flagship OG strain (Viper City OG) and the renowned Forum Cookies cut. The result is a [. ]
Lemonade Haze, developed by Moxie Seeds, is a mostly Sativa hybrid with intense lemony scent, a combination between two of the best Lemon strains currently available. Find it now ni Alchimiaweb’s catalogue of feminised cannabis seeds. It is a hybrid [. ]
Moxie Seeds present here their Lemon Goji OG, a hybrid developed to provide Bodhi’s Goji OG with a more vigorous growth and make it an easier to grow strain without losing any of its characteristic traits. Now available in Alchimiaweb’s collection of [. ]

Moxie Seeds offers both feminized and regular genetics with, for example: Viper City OG XIII, a lemony kush strain; Snake Venom that allows us to enjoy the many qualities of the famous Gorilla Glue #4 in the form of feminized seeds; or Goji Cake available as regular seeds, to make a selection of a creamy OG. All seeds are hand-selected.

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