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mother of berries

Mother of berries

There’s nothing quite like a mother’s security, and this strain captures that experience in a combination of uplifting and enjoyably sedative effects. While it is dominantly Indica, it begins with an initial tingling sensation in the head that tapers into a slow warping of senses.

While the high focuses more on the body, a slight cerebral kick is enough to elevate the mood. As such, those who feel sour from an arduous time at work can expect to end the day on a sweeter note. Moreover, it eases symptoms of depression and anxiety. Additionally, the subtle invigoration also helps in blunting fatigue.
Moreover, the initial head high may cause small bouts of dizziness to take place. This may lead to rising levels of anxiety. As such, veterans and beginners alike should start with a low dosage to avoid these adversities to worsen.

Speaking of chill, a physical buzz spreads from the core to every limb, kneading out the tension in the body. Soon enough, users will find themselves melting to the couch as their muscles soften up like molten cheese, and the heavy-lidded eyes will start to feel impossible to resist.
This bud may not be a head-turner when it comes to its CBD value, but a bowl of this ganja is known to wind down and ease many users into a night of pure delight.
Beginners be warned though, it is incredibly potent with a THC of up to 21%. For sure, packs more than enough to knock users to the couch.
Either way, expect to throw caution to the wind and chill for the rest of the night.
Finally, it takes about 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time when taken indoors with a yield of 400 grams per square meter.

Either way, there’s no doubt that this strain comes close to the comfort a mother brings – warm, emotionally uplifting and thoroughly soothing. As such, this herb is an ideal welcome-home bud anyone could ask for after a long day’s work.

Liberating the cannabis community from the confines of their stressful routine, Mother of Berries is not just revered for its aroma, but for its relaxing, body-focused high to boot.

Mother of berries

Winding down from a hard day with many quandaries to be solved, the Doc began seeing things through rose-colored (or rather, green-tinted) glasses, his view upon life and its problems becoming relaxed and serene. This mellow wave of tranquility made his head feel light, but not long after that his “mental wadding” thickened heavily and turned into a numbing, mighty cushion that seemed to blanket all his senses. His eyes, his jaw, his limbs—everything went slack, and although he actually never takes a nap during the day, he now felt a strong desire to do so.

Soon after it had been launched, it didn’t take long for MOB to clinch its first award, winning second place in the indica category at the prestigious Expo Grow Cannabis Cup 2015 in Irun, Spain. Being the ardent T.H. Seeds fan that he is, the Doc was highly excited about this new strain release and promptly ordered a package with five feminized seeds, of which he used four for a cultivation test.
Green Born Identity

After a quick germination time of only two and a half days, the four seedlings stood upright in the bright light emitted by a SANlight S4W LED module. The MOB’s growth habit entirely lived up to the official description, with the four plants growing super-compact and squat, like an indica straight from a picture book, except for one difference: Their shade leaves were not as wide-fingered as those of a classic indica plant.
The Doc swooned over the MOB. For the smoke test, he rolled himself a spliff with more weed in it than tobacco. “My new motto is ‘Put the berries in your tank!’” he commented with a broad grin. Holding it under his nose, the entire joint smelled sugar-sweet. When he took the first hit, a sweet stack of smoke wafted into his mouth that made his taste buds dance with joy. “Incredible how this fruity berry flavor accumulates in my mouth!” he exclaimed. “Three tokes and you think you’ve chewed a Hubba Bubba.”
As T.H. Seeds co-founder Doug explains, “In the mid- to late ’90s, a big bag of Cali weed ended up in Boston which had a few seeds—no one knew the strain name. This true bomb weed, apparently 100 percent indica, was originally called MOD, as these were the initials of the guy who grew it out, mothered it and got it going. But since it was getting too popular and they wanted to hide his identity, they changed the name to MOB. The crew that got it out there was the old Boston skateboarding community. The original guy gave a cutting to a friend of mine who brought it to me, and it was originally grown on my rooftop, flowering super-fast. Then we sent it down to Spain for further selection and feminized seed production.”
But internodal stacking was immensely dense, and when the Doc triggered them into flowering four weeks after germination, his extremely bushy four MOB plants were only 28, 30, 31 and 34 centimeters tall—wonderfully uniform once again, just as the Doc is accustomed to from T.H. Seeds. “In my grow room,” the Doc says, “T.H. Seeds set the gold standard for strain uniformity a long time ago, and they’ve kept it until today—quite amazing!”
Two weeks after the light-cycle switch from 18/6-hour light/dark to 12/12, the four plants had already busily begun to bloom—“as fast as an express train,” reported the Doc. The MOB turned out to be the fastest of five varieties growing in his room. “Already at this early stage,” the Doc wrote in his grow diary after four weeks of flowering, “the four plants are looking impressive. Still very homogeneous and still that extraordinarily compact as stem elongation during flowering has been only moderate, with a height gain of merely 60-70 percent. It’s evident that all the buds—top and side colas alike—are about to become thick and chubby. I also love the fact that as early as now, they’re plentifully bestrewn with resin glands. Keep it coming, Mother of Berries!”

Some strains earn a name for themselves with potency, medicinal value, flavor and ease of growth.

Some strains earn a name for themselves with potency, medicinal value, flavor and ease of growth.