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After accept the Quest, go to location (Small red circle), take the “Food for Peep” and put it down near the Peep, after that interact with the Peep and report in to Choir Member to clear this Quest.
Now go cross the bridge infront of Choir Member to continue with Quest 18.

Last Updated : July 26 2018.
Quest : Peep.
NPC : Choir Member.
Info : Must clear Quest 10 “An Old Lady’s Means of Living” to take this Quest.

Quest : Wine Delivery for the Banquet.
NPC : Esh.
Info : Take Barrel “High-Quality Wine” beside her.
Trick : Stop and put the Barrel down (Check image) and take Quest 12.
After that, take up the Barrel again and continue to the location using shortcut.

Before you continue, interact with Escort (Quest Objective) for Quest 12.

Quest : A Port Keeper’s Pressure.
NPC : Port Keeper.
Info : Grab the box behind the kid, dont use auto path because it’s longer to reach destination.

After give Barrel to NPC Noble for Quest 11.
Now continue with Quest 07, put down the “Newly Woven Fabric” and interact with the NPC Jealous Noblewoman,
After that report to NPC Haughty Noble near that location to clear Quest 07.
Quest : Timber From Trent.
NPC : Foothold Maker.
Info : Take timber cart to NPC Foothold Maker.
Red arrow is the timber cart location.

After you completed Quest 14 Ration, lets continue with Quest 13 “The Carrot and Stick”, go up a little bit and put down the “Hearty Meal” and interact with Hungry Protesters until popup Quest Completed.

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