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montana seed

Montana seed

We are offering Electroconductivity testing. This test has been shown to be a more reliable predictor of seedling emergence in the field than a germination test because it can reveal conditions of the seed membranes like mechanical, frost or rain damage. It is recommended for large-seeded legumes such as peas and chickpeas.

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We are certified to test for Clearfield and CoAXium traits.

Testing seed gives the individual a broad understanding of the germination potential and possible weed contamination of a seed lot. By knowing the results of the tests, individuals can evaluate the potential of a seed lot before planting to ensure adequate stand and maximum yield.
The purpose of the Montana State Seed Laboratory is to test seed samples for farmers, seedsmen, the Montana Seed Growers Association, the Montana Department of Agriculture, and the seed industry. Seed testing provides the needed information for determining the value of the seed. These tests determine percentages of pure seed, other crop seed, weed seed, inert matter and germination in seeds used for planting.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us as we are here to assist you with your seed testing needs.
Montana State Seed Lab
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Phone: (406) 994-2141
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Montana State Seed Lab
Marsh Lab Room 40
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We now test hemp!