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monster legends haze

Monster legends haze

Those monsters blessed with the Magic element are most likely to deliver a crushing blow to a Light-based foe, while the fighting trees and other Nature creatures can cause them the most harm. The following are some well-known Magic breeding pairs along with the resulting hybrids for each.

A Light Spirit cannot breed with a Fire-based monster because they are considered opposite elements.
Common monsters are typically weakest when attacking their own element but offer the most resistance against it. When breeding, however, general strengths and weaknesses of hybrid monsters vary depending on the combination.

Breeding two single-element monsters (also known as Common monsters) usually results in a basic hybrid (known as Uncommon) or, if you’re lucky, the outcome can be a Rare or even an Epic beast. You can also breed dual-element monsters.
A Thunder Eagle cannot breed with a Nature-based monster because they are considered opposite elements.
A Mersnake cannot be bred with a Dark-based monster because they are considered opposite elements. In addition, breeding two Mersnakes together typically produces another Common Mersnake but can occasionally result in an Epic Razfeesh.
A Rockilla cannot be bred with a Magic-based monster because they are considered opposite elements.
The actual process of pairing two monsters to create a more dominant beast is straightforward. Start out by selecting the Breeding Mountain, located on your island near the Hatchery. Next, press the Breed button, which presents a two-sided table containing all your active monsters. Choose the two beasts that you want to pair, one from the left column and one from the right, and push the START BREEDING button.

Some of the game’s most often-used breeding combinations appear below, categorized by base element.

A detailed guide on breeding Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Monsters in the Monster Legends RPG for Android, iOS, and Facebook platforms.