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monster cropping step by step

Monster cropping step by step

Restarting a clone or two does add time to the grow cycle, but the results are well worth the wait and the effort.

In this case, we’re talking about a much older definition: a cultivated plant.
The clones will be ugly in many ways. You can expect single-finger leaves and possibly even some mutations.

This definition sounds very similar — if not identical — to the definition for cloning mentioned above. That’s because monster cropping, at its most basic, is just creating clones of the mother plant.
Keep this idea of cloning in mind as we start to talk about monster cropping.
Why does monster cropping work? In a word, stress.

  • Vigorous growth of leaves, branches, nodes, and bud sites (the monster part of the equation)
  • Higher levels of THC

Dissecting the name clues you in to what it is exactly, but it also gives you an idea of why you would want to do it — monster yields.

Yes, you read that right. Monster cropping produces higher levels of THC.

Do you grow your own cannabis and want to experience huge yields from your favorite strain? Then we’ve got a treat for you. It’s called monster cropping.