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money tree bush

Money tree bush

Soil pH should be between 6.0 and 7.5, on the neutral range. They can tolerate both acidic and alkaline soils, but won’t have their best growth in those ranges.

As I said earlier, feng shui practitioners make use of money tree plants. When placed properly, they’re believed to create positive “chi” or energy. They’ve become popular plants in the workplace as a result.
Well, no. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they did, though? They do develop seed pods that pop open when the seeds within get big enough.

A: Pachira aquatica can be miniaturized, small, medium, large, or gigantic. It all depends on how you want to grow it!
Keep the rooting medium moist, but not soggy. If there’s no condensation on the inside of the plastic, it probably needs to be watered. Keep it out of direct sunlight, and 4-6 weeks later it should have developed roots.
Money tree plants can grow in many soil types. The primary need is soil that can drain off excess water with ease.
If you’re planting a money tree seed, plant it about 1/4″ deep in moist soil. Be sure the pale “eye” on the seed faces sideways.
To propagate money tree plant from seed, you’ll need the seeds. These are best harvested right as an older plant’s seed pods have dried and are starting to crack open. The nut-like seeds should be thoroughly inspected, and damaged ones discarded.

Remove any leaves from the bottom third of your cutting, then dip it into water to dampen it. Shake off any excess droplets, then dip it into powdered rooting hormone.

Money tree plant is a beautiful plant indoors and out! Learn all the tricks and tips for growing this lucky plant with our growing guide!