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mold resistant cannabis strains

Mold resistant cannabis strains

Apart from the mentioned traits, Barbara Bud’s early flowering is doubtless one of its strongest points, being ready in just 7 weeks! The scent and taste are reminiscent of peaches, a very distinctive flavour that you remind once you’ve tried it. Indeed, it’s been awarded many times at different events and has become a true classic for a legion of outdoor growers. You can find either feminised or regular seeds.

Easy Haze by Philosopher Seeds
Barbara Bud by House of the Great Gardener

Finally, and to close this list of mould resistant strains, we present you another mostly Indica hybrid, Reserva Privada’s Cole Train. As happens with other genetics on this list, Cole Train is a perfect choice for beginners: easy to grow, resistant to stress, moulds, humidity and nutrient imbalances. another sure bet for any type of grower!
Harvest time is coming!
Barbara Bud has proven to be a truly versatile cannabis strain, suitable for all types of growing media and conditions, and always rewarding the grower with abundant harvests of top grade, frosty buds with an amazing terpene profile.
Cole Train by Reserva Privada
Viper City OG XIII by Moxie Seeds

To create Fuel OF, Ripper Seeds crossed the acclaimed New York City Diesel and their potent OG Badazz, which resulted in vigorous plants with average stretch (x2, x3), depending on phenotypes. It develops a prominent main stem where bud production is focused, being suitable for the SOG technique after removing the lower branches. It is fast (9 weeks) and yields around 500g/m2 of resinous and fragant buds with huge calyxes.

Resistance to moulds is one of the most sough-after traits by many cannabis growers, especially those who depend on their outdoor crops to have a supp

Mold resistant cannabis strains

Critical Sensi Star Early Version by Delicious Seeds, now available at Alchimia Grow Shop catalogue. An even faster selection of these great genetics offering really rapid growth. Created by combining Critical Sensi Star with a fast growin [. ]

Barney’s Farm is happy to present Zkittlez OG Auto, an AutoFem variety characterised by a fruity and sweet aromas and a relaxing and positive effect. Now available online in our autoflowering seed collection here at Alchimiaweb. This variety wa [. ]
We are glad to present Sig Sour XXL Auto by BSF Seeds, the Sour Diesel marijuana auto-flowering version. This variety is now available in our cannabis seeds catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop. Sig Sour XXL Auto, Sour Diesel automatic version [. ]

We are happy to present Early Gorilla by Philosopher Seeds, the Gorilla Glue #4 version of this seed bank, a much appreciated variety for its high resin production and for its strong and relaxing effect. It is now available in our feminised cannabis [. ]
Alchimia Grow Shop presents Mr Cheese Mass by Mr Hide Seeds, a 65/35 Sativa – Indica hybrid. A very homogeneous and productive variety, it’s the result of a long selection and stabilisation process carried out by the seed bank. This cariety has been [. ]
Glookies from top Dutch seed bank Barney’s Farm is a high yielding hybrid created from two of the most famous clone-only cannabis varieties of recent times, in this case Cannabis Gorilla Glue x Thin Mint Cookies resulting in an intensely flavour [. ]
Mold resistant cannabis strains are the best option for growers in humid climates (northern Europe, Canada, etc.), either indoors or outdoors. presents Gorilla Zkittlez from Barney’s Farm, a new feminised variety combining two champions from the West Coast of the USA. This is a mould-resistant strain with a hybrid structure: robust, well-branched and an average internodal d [. ]

Kannabia presents Super AK feminised cannabis, a Sativa-dominant with a high psychoactivity, now available in the online seed catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop Super AK is a hybrid between AK 47, Californian Sativa and an Afghan. This variety develops [. ]

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