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micro grow box

Micro grow box

Although cannabis normalisation and legalisation are gaining momentum around the world, finding clean, good quality cannabis is not always easy. This is a pity, because good quality is very important for health purposes, especially for medicinal use.

A good alternative is autoflowers. Whatever the conditions, these strains remain smaller. These plants, moreover, are not sensitive to the number of light hours to activate the flowering phase. They can be placed in 18 hours of light per day for the entire cycle.
HPI- and HPS lamps have been favoured by indoor growers for years. That’s because they have a high light output. You can use these conventional grow lights in micro growing spaces as well, but it is not ideal. The lower wattages are harder to find and they tend to become very hot. As a result, the plants can’t be placed too close to the lamps. This requires space, which is precisely what you don’t have with micro growing.

Much can be written about LED lighting. For this article, it suffices to know that LED is ideal for all light colours. It takes up little space and is not very hot, so plants can be placed close to it. However, good LED grow lights are expensive and therefore not as cost-effective for micro growing.
approx. 12 litres or more: average plant height
The number of plants that will fit in a micro growing space depends on the size of the space and the cannabis strain chosen. The use of growing techniques to influence the size is also a determining factor.
With topping, you cut or trim the highest shoot off the main stem. This stimulates the plant to create two new shoots. Instead of a single shoot growing vertically, there are now two growing horizontally. Extra buds also grow on the second shoot, which means more yield.
Like topping, FIM and super cropping, the Screen of Green technique (SCROG) arose from a desire to get more yield from plants. The main objective of SCROG is a uniform light distribution over all the flowers. But SCROG is also a good method to control plant height.

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Achieving the biggest possible harvest in the smallest possible grow room; that's essentially what micro growing is about. Read all about micro growing.

Micro grow box

I do not know at what dimensions you would consider a micro-grow, but if you train your plant(s) to fit the space of your box and don’t overcrowd it/them, they should adapt.

EDIT: and I topped the clones once at 4 nodes and the two resulting branches again at 4 nodes. When you do this early on, you get a much fuller plant with more growing tips and future COLAs.
fem. . although the stretch has stopped i still may have to arch / move skinny bones .

This time around, with the longer veg time, they’re going into flower at 36″ instead of 18″, and producing much larger flowers. I think I am finally getting the hang of this!
I found tying down much easier to manage. I used binder clips to attach gardening wire to the bins, and waited until the ladies were slightly wilted to bend the branches. (prevents breaking) I secured the wires to the branches LOOSELY, so they could easily be removed in a few days, and not damage the stems. After tying down, I gave them a good watering to perk them up again.
You won’t get the huge yields or large COLAs that large-scale operations produce, but you’ll get small, potent buds if the plant is healthy up to harvest. Figure around 7 grams dried weight per plant with limited indoor grow space. If you get more, consider that a testament to your good growing methods.
Light 160w cfl
Strain GHS Auto Big bang
Day 95 from seed
Flushed for the past 10 days

notice the size of the fan leaves, its indica traits and haze. have you ever heard of haze strains that may require 4 months +/- to harvest ?

the bushy one and skinny bones. along with my 9 day old pink amnesia X nysd auto

Hi . So Today I Picked Up My FFOF Soil And A Bag Of Perlite.. My Question Is What's The Size Of Your Small Stealth Box And What Do You Yield On Average…