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By Jazmin Duribe

Jawad denied knowing they were involved, simply believing he was doing the guys a favour. He was cleared of knowing the identity of the men at a trial in 2018, however, the decision was appealed by prosecutors. According to France 24, Jawad was planning on writing a book about the whole ordeal after claiming it ruined his life.

When someone kicks you out the group chat and then you get added back.

How Theresa May enters parliament after the 340th brexit rejection

The footage showed him puffing out his chest as he entered the courtroom in a tracksuit, before giving everyone a mean death stare, and his expression has taken the internet by storm.

Me coming back into the room when my mam shouts ‘I’m not finished talking to you’

Caribbean restaurant staff coming out to take your order like.

walking into the booth while the Dj before you still has 10 mins left

The Sainsbury’s security guard when I pick something up in the shop

This Jawad Bendaoud video has become a meme. The Belgian national was shown walking into a courtroom before being sentenced to four years in prison for housing two jihadists.