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medical marijuana card montana

You can register with Complia here or bring your paperwork and driver’s license into our downtown location and we’ll do it all for you. The State’s application fee is currently $30 for new and renewal cards and $10 for transferring from one provider to another.

  1. Paperwork from your recommending physician
  2. A current Montana Driver’s License or Identification Card
  3. A passport-like photo

If you would like to change providers via Complia:

  1. Log into Complia here with your ID and password
  2. Select Completed Applications
  3. Select Patient Update
  4. Select Create New Application
  5. Scroll to and select Patient Update
  6. Save and Next to Provider Information

If you already have a medical marijuana card but would like to change your provider to Montana Medicinals, the process is simple and we would be honored to have you as a patient. You can come visit us at our 420 Higgins location and we’ll set it in motion and even cover the $10 cost of your transfer.
Make sure your medical condition is recognized as appropriate for treatment with cannabis (see below).
Once you’ve received a physician’s recommendation for a medical marijuana card, your next step is to apply for your card via the State using Complia.
If you are the parent or guardian of a child applying for a medical marijuana card, please have the recommending physician fill out this Physician’s Statement for Minors. Please note, two doctors’ signatures are required for minors.

To review clinical studies and case reports, use the Search function here to look up relevant reports for a condition.

We help you get your medical marijuana card for free! Schedule a phone consultation with Montana Medicinals to assist you in filling out this application.